• Paul Graham

    Hi Susan. A vivid tale ! I’m glad the spitball snow didn’t deter you from teaching. Presumably you didn’t bore the kids enough to suffer any artificial weather pranks. This may inspire a post about my own childhood misdemeanours now the statute of limitations has expired !

    • Hi Paul, I would love to hear a story or two about some of your antics. Would you like to do a guest post of one of them? I had always wanted to be a teacher, in a way, I still am. Things like this really help prepare for what may happen. 🙂

      • Paul Graham

        Hi Susan. I would be honored to do so. Thank you ! As this is probably not time-bound perhaps I could send you something early July and you could use if, as and when it fits

        • That would be awesome Paul. Take your time. It would be great fun sharing one of your stories. 🙂

  • I was lucky enough to not have a teacher like you had. How can any person teach without a sense of humor? Although the bombardment of spitballs going everywhere wasn’t a good thing, the teacher could have done something fun with it. For example, why not have a contest? It would get the silliness out of the kids’ systems without any hard feelings. I had a math teacher who did that with paper airplanes.

    You may say things were different back then. Remember, I’m from the same generation at you. I can think of several teachers from my elementary school days who would somehow stop the spitballs without any hard feels.

    Obviously, your principle was a terrific person. 🙂

    • Hi Glynis, I bet that was a sight to see with the paper airplanes. Our teacher was funnier to us kids because she reacted the way she did. It also helps that we had a really cool principal. Aw, those were the days. 🙂

  • That is a funny one Susan! Elementary school for me for the most part, is such a distant memory, this inspires me to want to remember and then write about something from it. Now, all I have to do is decide to. Hmmm. I can visualize of couple of my favorite teachers right now. LOL.

    • Thanks Patricia, It was a long time ago, but there were some pretty cool memories from that time. I would love to hear a few of yours. I bet you have some great ones. 🙂

  • Scottmhuntington

    Oh gosh, that is so funny. These days it would be taped and put on youtube for the world to see.

    My best school prank was hiding cell phone’s in the ceiling of the band room. Kids from different classes would call randomly, and the director would look all over to see where the phone was. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he realized they were in the ceiling. It really backfired though because he was trying to record us that day, and we had no way to tell the calling-kids to stop it, so we’d get halfway through a song and then “RINNNG!” haha. He flipped out.

    • Hi Scott, How funny but your right. and it would have gone viral too… LOL. That is a great story. Did he ever get a clear tape? Your story reminds me of one about a cell phone too. Aw, I may have to write about it. 🙂

  • Wow what a story and it was so funny.

    When I was in Kindergarten I decided I didn’t like school so I left and walked home. I lived a good distance from the school. My mother was in the backyard and to her surprise, there I was. She said I am going to march you back to school. So back I went. I had to figure out a way not to go to school. I decided to cut my hair very close to my scalp in the front. The principal called in my older sister as they were concerned that I had a disease of some kind. And yes the principal sent me home. My mother was so upset with me but my father couldn’t help from laughing. He said to mother, you wait and see if Arleen is not successful because she had some ingenuity. She looked at him and said she is only 5. Even today my sisters laugh at what I did and parents did until they died.

    • Hi Arleen, Thanks so much. That is a GREAT story. I can see were you got your ingenuity and determination. I’ll bet there are even more stories you could tell about yourself 😀

  • Jacqueline Gum

    Absolutely loved this story Susan…made me laugh out loud. No stories come to mind right this second, but you’ve given me reason to try and remember some of them 🙂

    • Aw thanks Jacquie, I’ll bet when you give it a bit of thought, you’ll kind some great ones. 🙂

  • Tim

    This story had me captivated from word one Susan. The story I retell most regarding my childhood at school is one day when I was in primer 4. That would be grade 2 these days. We were all ushered outside and sat in rows. The sky was clear and blue. A black and white tv was placed on a desk. We watched it and looked at the sky. The moon on the tv was the moon we were watching for real. It was July 1969 and history was being made in front of our eyes. It blew our imaginations and to this day feel very lucky to have been on the side of the planet where it was not only daytime but cloudless.

    • Hi Tim, That must have been an incredible time for you. What a great experience for a kid at such a historic time. 🙂

      • Tim

        As a child I am sure I did not full comprehend the magnitude of what I was witnessing however it did become seared in my brain so am very pleased I can recollect it in detail.

  • Lisa Voncino

    My friend was a real prankster at the religous school we went to. She orchestrated all sorts of crazy stuff because the school was so strict and out of touch. Due to the pranks, her class was always having to stay after school and rewrite the same sentence 1000 times. One time, the teacher left the room and the whole class left via the window. The teacher returned and her class had disappeared!

    • Hi Lisa and welcome. LOL… I can just see that happening. I would have loved to see the teachers face when she entered the empty classroom. 🙂

  • Sue

    What a great story! Reminds me of a friend who had a store in town and who figured out how to use the air conditioner vent to pea-shoot people who passed by in the street. They could never figure out where it was coming from.

    • Hi Sue and welcome, That is so fun. I can just see people getting hit and looking all which-way only to see nothing, or any indication as to where it came from. 😀

  • Jeri Walker-Bickett

    This one definitely tops the funny list 🙂 In sixth grade we used to make excuses to use the bathroom so we could wet paper towels and throw the ensuing mass of papery goo on the ceiling. It was a lot of fun or a week or two until we were found out.

    • Aw, so we have another spitball and paper globber among us. I bet that was fun and hilarious at the same time. What is it about wet paper sticking to the ceiling kids that find so appealing to do? 😀

  • maxwell ivey

    hi susan; once again you have proven yourself a master story teller. don’t have any stories like this one. but once in scouts i was on a troop fishing trip that ended with us accidentally sinking a bass boat. take care, max

    • You are much to kind Max, It please me so that you enjoy what I share. That does sound like a story worth telling… LOL.

  • Susan — another winning story. This isn’t a funny story but it did have an important influence on my life. When I was in fifth grade the teacher asked me to leave the room during class to meet with the music instructor, Mr. Zittsman. I’ll never forget his name. Apparently I must have indicated at one time that I’d be interested in learning to play an instrument. He held a cornet in his hand. He looked down at my very sternly and said, “I’d like you to take lessons. Do you promise NEVER to quit?” In fear and trepidation, I shook my head in agreement.

    Of course, within a week I wanted to quit but I didn’t and I’m so glad in retrospect. I played throughout grade and high school, marching in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade for four years in front of Santa Claus, marching at the school’s football games and playing in state competitions. I no longer play but I learned to love and appreciate music.

    • Thank you my friend, What a great story. There are times where we learn much later in life, the importance or a single event or experience. You persevered and stuck it out. That gave you experiences you would have missed otherwise. 🙂

  • Niekka McDonald

    I remember those days lol. The boys were always the ones to make spitballs, even the big wads of toilet paper and paper towels. It was always funny until you got hit with one lol.

    • Hi Niekka, Yep, it was the boys most of the time, but we girls did our part to at times… LOL.

  • Laurie Hurley

    Hysterical and so clever! Truly the only thing I remember is from high school. I was walking down a long corridor, trying to look cool in my much-too-high-heels to impress my quarterback boyfriend. I slipped on the shiny floor and slid on my rear end about 4 feet in front of all the kids lining the corridor. I was so embarrassed, I told my mom I was sick and did not go to school for two days.

    • Hi Laurie, Thanks… :-))). Oh My Gosh, I could just feel your embarrassment. I think I would have done the very same thing. How was it when you went back to school?

  • I don’t remember ever having anyone shooting spitballs around the classroom although my youngest would love to shoot spitballs around her bedroom usually onto the ceiling much to her father’s annoyance

    • Hi Jo-Ann. LOL, I think spitballs and kids go hand in hand, don’t you?

  • Carl Hedinger

    That was hilarious! Wow, I really can’t top that story. However, it certainly prepares me as a teacher for what might be in store as summer vacation approaches. I’ll let you know if I’m a victim.

    • Hi Carl, It was a funny event that my classmates and I talked about for many years after. I hope your year ends uneventfully or at least with a good laugh. 🙂

  • Hi Susan – this story is one of the best. I certainly don’t have anything to top it but I do have a story about something that haunted me for years and always made everyone laugh.(Even me after the fact). When I was in grade eight – the time of crinolines, no slacks at school ever, our class played baseball against a grade 8 class from a neighbouring school. I was wearing a skirt held together by one button. Anyway, I hit one, ran to first-base and halfway there, the button popped off, my skirt fell down and I’m standing there in my pink three-yard crinoline. I again saw many of those kids in grade nine and of course, my pink crinoline was always an ice-breaker.

    • Hi Lenie. That is the funniest story. It really made me laugh. I could just see it all transpire and how you must have looked when it happened. Ice breaker indeed, and one I’m sure was share many times over. 🙂

  • MinaJoshi5409

    Wow – what a funny tale. You had me captivated. It seems that you had fun at school. I havr fond memories of my school days but I can’t think of anything funny from my school days.

    • Hi Mina, Thank you. As it was with many of us, there good days and not so good days. When they were good, we did have a great deal of fun. Here’s to fond memories. 🙂

  • Jason Butler

    Spitballs are nasty but that was a funny story.

    • Hi Jason, Nasty or not, kids thinks of spitballs and cool. They are also big mischief makers too… LOL.

  • Jon Jefferson

    We used to do stuff like this. The big one was the paper tool to the ceiling in the bathroom. If it was timed right it would fall on some one when they went in to use the facilities. Kids can be mean it seems.

    • I think we all did something like that at a certain age Jon. In the end it was harmless and we still laugh about some of it. 🙂

  • Meredith Wouters

    I love this! I can totally see it happening, just as you describe. Thanks for telling us what happened to Jerry later in his life, I was curious throughout the whole story. Your teacher reminds me of a Spanish teach I had in 6th grade. She ended up having a nervous breakdown and we always took full credit (with great pride) for that.

    • Hi Meredith, Jerry was super smart and character, but he was mean about anything. That particular teacher left teaching a few years later. It was just more then she could take. We also took credit for that… LOL.

  • crystal Ross

    That is so funny Susan! My school friend and I would torture this middle school teacher of ours. We would be loud and sing in class. The very last day we put fake poop in his desk and he freaked out! We where laughing so hard! He probably didn’t want to teach after that class. lol We where little hellions. Great story and it brought back good memories. =)

    • Hi Crystal, Thanks so much. That is too funny… he must have hated life as a teacher with all that… LOL. 🙂

  • I was a prankster throughout my school and college days. You wont believe till today I continue to play pranks on people around me..I believe there is a child inside everyone of us and we should not let it die…
    10 0ut of 10 for your illustrations. Believe me the classroom scenes are too good. your illustrations are always bright and simple.Use these with every post..

    • Hi Tuhin, I agree, keeping the inner-child alive within us does make life allot more fun. Thanks so much for your thoughts about my images. I do try. 🙂

  • Lorraine Marie Reguly

    This story reminded me of when they remodelled my grade school gym. For some reason, the roof looked like a bunch of spitballs! Whenever someone would throw a ball up high and hit the ceiling (roof) some pieces of the gunk (it looked like paper mache) would come loose and fall down. It was gross.

    • Hi Lorraine, That must have been a sight when it happened. :-).

  • Debra Yearwood

    That was waaaaay too funny and definitely had the gross factor to make it a classic story. 🙂 I was trying to recall a story similar to this one, but nothing came to mind. These things never do when you want them to. I’ll remember tonight when I’m just about to fall asleep.

    • Thanks Debra. I’m glad I was able to make you laugh. I hear you… that happens to me all the time… LOL.

  • What a funny story Susan, enjoyed it so much! It makes me think to my school times 🙂 in my classroom there were spitball wars and also lots of paper planes flying over our heads! 🙂

    • Hi Ilaria, The paper spitball and airplane wars were the best. I’m not sure our teachers like them vey much but they were fun. 🙂

  • Cheryl Therrien

    Love it! I can remember things like this when I was in school, but none left me with the smiles this story did. 🙂

    • Aw thanks Cheryl, Those where fun times and they left us with even more fun memories. 🙂