• Anonymous

    I love your story and the part about faith. I am working on the part about faith in myself.

    Your cartoons are adorable.

    • Thanks, faith in ourselves isn’t easy. When we’re able to find it, it’s amazing what we can acomplish. Oh and that’s for the compliment regarding my illustrations. 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    Susan u always know exactly what i need to hear. Thank u for having faith in me when i dont always have faith in myself. Love the artwork.

    • Thank you Elizabeth. It always helps when we have support from others. It helps give us the extra push to have a little faith in ourselves. 🙂

  • Susan Cooper

    Thank you both. It always helps when we have support from others. It helps give us the extra push to have a little faith in ourselves. 🙂

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  • Cheryl Therrien

    Like Elizabeth said you always seem to know what we need to hear when we need to hear it. Thank you my friend.

    • Aw, thank you my friend. I am so glad you found this story of some value. 🙂

  • Jacqueline Gum

    Completely right that it takes courage and strength to have faith and I have found that is especially true when it comes to having faith in ourselves. I needed this today Susan…thank you 🙂

    • Indeed it does and is Jacquie. I think it’s the hardest thing ever, at least for me. I am so glad my humble story was of some help to you. 🙂

  • Catherine Aggarao

    Thanks for re-posting. With the many challenges I also face of late, I know that faith is always ‘faithful.’ 😉

    • Hi Catherine. You are very welcome. Challenges seem to be of great abundance of late for everyone. Knowing that faith is ever-ready does help. 🙂

  • Paul Graham

    Hi Susan. It is hard to say what causes the occasional downturn in faith though it seems to return with even greater strength after some contemplation. It should surprise no-one when a good educator becomes an effective sales professional when we consider core skills in communication, relationship building and selling ideas to a diverse audience. In my view we make our own luck so whenever anyone considers me lucky I take it as a compliment whether intended or not !

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if we could figure out what causes that Paul? Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. I do like your thoughts about luck. I will remember that when someone says how lucky I am to me. 🙂

  • Susan, I rarely ponder on the ‘what ifs’. When there’s a big decision to make, I weigh the pros and cons once, and then like a bull in a china shop, make my decision. I figure no matter whether or not my decision is the best one or not, I learn something.

    • Hi Glynis, We do take way to long when making at decision times. Many times we wait way to long and the opportunity passes us by. There is a saying “No decision is a decision, we just don’t see it”. I love it that you just go for it… good for you. 🙂

  • This is scary: my fabulous coach was just wrapping up things with me this morning and asked me about my top three learnings during our time together. In the top three: TRUST. Trust of others and trust of myself usually waxes and wanes during new ventures. Thanks for this validating story Susan!

    • That is so interesting Patricia. The universe does work in mysterious ways, doesn’t it? I find that to be the same for me. It’s hard to hold steady with self-belief at times but it really pays off when we make the effort. 🙂

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    This post caught my eye as I will have to take my 3 cats on an 18 hour road trip to our new house in a couple weeks. Do you do anything special for your cat when taking him in a car?

    • Hi Krystle. I do. I use an holistic motion sickness medicine (online) that I put in his water or food the night before or 30 minutes before the trip. I also find that covering the carrier completely really helps. The visual movement of the passing landscape will make the motion sickness worse, not it seeing helps. I hope this is helpful. 🙂

  • Jeri Walker-Bickett

    Taking a leap and knowing when it quit is one of the hardest things to do in life. Patience and stubbornness can see us through. I was at the dentist today, and the hygienist was fascinated by my freelancing and travel efforts. Validation often comes from the strangest places. Cut car pictures BTW 🙂

    • Hi Jeri. It really does. I find that when I least expect it, an answer to my troubles will appear from the most unexpected sources. That also applies to taking the leap of faith. The images are some of my very first, I decided to just go with them, I’m glad you liked them. 🙂

  • So true about needing to take that first step! Regarding road trips, I had to do two recently, to deliver one son and to pick up another. I get nervous beforehand, but I’m glad when they are over. So, no, I don’t find it a time of relaxing or thinking or creativity. Pulling weeds seems to be my latest way to unwind.

    • Hi Leora, I get that, roads trips for some are tedious and frustrating. I too find pulling weeds therapeutic in more ways then one. 🙂

  • Along Came Mary

    You continue to out-do yourself to me for your posts, Susan! I had a similar thought JUST the other day as I, too, was driving, which is what I do for my day job in sales…drive around LA county all day. Many of my thoughts or ideas for my blog are born behind the wheel & I only just realized this.
    As far as wondering about faith, its too bad, but I think we try to listen to others or doubt our faith because of our own fear. Like you say, there will always be cynics & we need to get beyond needing their validation 🙂

    • Hi Mary, It’s been awhile but I did drove around LA with sales reps. It is so amazing to me where our ideas comes from, isn’t it?

      If we can just step back and take a deep breath we can usually find our way. I agree, to often we listen to others and not ourselves. 🙂

  • Susan — such an inspiring story. Having faith in yourself at all times probably isn’t possible. You can’t avoid getting down in the dumps sometimes when things don’t go your way, even if it’s not your fault. You start to question your abilities and your judgment. I started to look for my last full-time job in my early 60’s, when my business at that time wasn’t working out. I had no choice. I had to find a job. I decided I wouldn’t let age interfere. I looked in the mirror — this is a true story — and said to myself, “Your age doesn’t matter. It will only matter if you let it. You’ve got great skills and a tremendous background. Anybody would be lucky to have you!” I was right.

    A business colleague, who later turned into a great friend, sold his business to an agency and said to me, “Why don’t you come work here?” I did and I capped my full-time career with the best-paying job I ever had. You just need to keep the faith.

    • What a great story and testament to why we need to maintain faith and trust in what know to be true, Jeannette. To often we doubt ourselves and our abilities and that shines thru to others. The worst part is, we feel bad as a result. So I agree, we just need to keep the faith. 🙂

  • Jon Jefferson

    This reminds me of the time in my past when I worked sales. Much time on the road for what at the time was essentially a side job. Ao much of my time in the car has been thinking and talking to myself. Even now, those old habits come back and I can get lost in my own mind just on the ten minute trip to where my wife works.

    • LOL, Jon. I do exactly the same thing. It can be good and bad, depending on the circumstances. :-)))

  • Laurie Hurley

    What a great story! It is weird how life hands us the unexpected. I admire you for following your passion and going in the direction(s) that made you happy. By the way, my mind wanders when I drive, too. Sometimes I sing at the top of my lungs and other times I open all the windows and just enjoy nature. My biggest risk so far was leaving the Corporate arena and branching out on my own. So far, 14 years later, it has paid off!

    • Thanks Laurie, I would love to see that… LOL. We could make it a duet. :D. A leap of faith is something that can really work out way better then even we may have thought. That has certainly been the case for you, and that is pretty darn awesome. 🙂

  • Oh how I love your stories when I walk my mind drifts off to places unknown and I can become lost in thought and end up arriving home before I know it

    • Aw, thanks Jo-Anne. It really fun to see where I mind will goe when we give it free reign. I also find it interesting how we get home without a hitch 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing your story, Susan. I think it really is important to believe in ourselves and not be afraid of new challenges. You and I are both proof that the unknown can often result in the best yet.

    • I agree Doreen, The fear of something is usually far less then the act of doing nothing. If we hadn’t done what we did and believed in ourselves enough to do so, we certainly would have accomplished what have. 🙂

  • Meredith Wouters

    I so related to this story! It reminded me of when I moved from GA to NM as a college graduate with no idea of what I’d do next. That was surely a step of faith. But what really got me about your story is that on that road trip, my cat got me out of a speeding ticket. A cop pulled me over, took one look inside my packed-to-the-roof car, with my cat screeching from his carrier right behind my head, and just shook his head and gave me a warning. After that I slowed down…just a bit. 🙂 Here’s to leaps of faith, and feline traveling companions!

    • Hi Meredith, I loved your story. I could just see that policeman and your screeching cat… LOL. I am so glad you had the courage to make the move. I toast you for taking that leap and having faith in yourself. 🙂

  • Debra Yearwood

    Having faith in myself is easily one of the toughest ongoing tasks I have as I get older. I think its easy to get fearful and complacent. I’ve heard people say that you can take risks when you’re young, but you have to be cautious when you get older. That sentiment certainly doesn’t make growing old sound like much fun. Instead we have to remind ourselves that we have the weight of experience on our side and that the older we get, the better we are at seeing situations clearly.

    • Amen to that Debra. Growing older is hard enough without all that we put in our path to be afraid of. If we can just realize that we are the ones who limit our possibilities we would be so much better off. 🙂

  • Adele Stewart

    Oh sweet Maine Coons! You are a gifted writer, by the way. I really needed a post like this. I am at a point where I have been hesitant to take the first step. If it’s not worth the risk, is it worth it all? Thank you, Susan.

    • They are just the coolest cats ever Adele. Thank you for just an awesome compliment. I wish you great success is your next steps. It will be a fun ride (sometimes scary), but I promise you it will be so worth it in the end. 🙂

  • Hi Susan,
    I think all essential and truly important things in life begin within. Many people look outside themselves for happiness when it lies within the entire time. The courage to believe in others begins with faith in oneself. And to be love to others, we must have a healthy love for ourselves to begin with,

    But just like putting on the cruise control, many people go through life on auto pilot without realizing these truths.

    Best Regards,

    • Indeed that is true Bill, If we could only see how wonderful we are, just the way we are, we would be in a much better place. Letting others dictate what we do and how we see ourselves is not a very healthy thing to do, that’s for sure. 🙂

  • Adrienne

    Hi Susan,

    Oh, I so believe that we need to have faith in ourselves, what we believe and of course the higher power. I love your story and love that you like to go fast, how funny.

    I always enjoy your stories and I appreciate you sharing this one with us. I’m glad you went for it anyway and of course you did well.

    Enjoy your weekend now.


    • Hi Adrienne, It isn’t always easy, but it so worth it when we can just trust in our own judgement. When we do, we really do know what the right path is. Thanks for all your kind words, and more so, your support my friend. 🙂

  • Tim

    “If we can’t find a way to believe in ourselves, how can we find faith in a higher being or anything else for that matter?”, I could not agree more Susan. I have had a few times in my life where I experienced the same solo conversation as you. If I have learned on thing it is that a leap from the familiar, if it feels right, will result in an adventure coupled with happiness. From BHB.

    • Hi Tim, We do find ourselves in a conundrum with faith and belief. The hard part is having the courage to push past it. When we do, as you did, some pretty wonderful adventures do await us. 🙂

  • Pat Ruppel

    Good read, Susan, and reminders to give ourselves credit for those things we’ve accomplished when we didn’t know how it would turn out. Like you, I can remember many times over the course of my life when faith kept me on course. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    • Thanks so much Pat, I do believe that without a little faith in ourselves we would never achieve what we do. 🙂

  • Susan, your stories always make me feel so good – they just seem to hit the right spot at the right time. I have learned to trust my instincts and believe it has saved me a lot of grief over the years. Thanks again, Susan.

    • Hi Lenie, Aw thank you for such gracious word my friend. I’m so glad my simple stories can do that for you. Learning to trust in ourselves is hard sometimes, but the rewards are pretty cool when we do. 🙂

  • Susan, great write up… definitely hits the nail on the head for me right now. It also made me think of one of my favorite quotes. Hope all is well!!

    “In this world, the optimists have it, not because they are always right, but because they are positive. Even when wrong, they are positive, and that is the way of achievement, correction, improvement, and success. Educated, eyes-open optimism pays; pessimism can only offer the empty consolation of being right. The one lesson that emerges is the need to keep trying. No miracles. No perfection. No millennium. No apocalypse. We must cultivate a skeptical faith, avoid dogma, listen and watch well, try to clarify and define ends, the better to choose means.” – David S Landes

    • Hi Dan, I am very excited for you and your move into your new home. I’m sending you many best wishes. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quotes. Thank you for that. 🙂

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Excellent Susan! I for one love meditating and riding the motorbike solo here around Phuket. Being still, or by yourself, opens you up to your intuition, and these nudges lead you to where you’re meant to go 😉 Thanks!

    • Hi Ryan and welcome, I so agree, when we can find a way to still our minds, it’s pretty amazing what can come from it. 🙂