I love it when someone wants to write a wine guest post.  Stefano Lubiana Wines is a Tasmanian Wine that sounds delightful.  It all started when Kathy Clubb sent a request asking if I would be interested in her guest Stefano Lubiana Wines, Findingourwaynow.composting on my site.  We sent stuff back and forth and voila here it is.  I met Kathy Clubb/A Beautiful Home through Blogging Your Passion University.  Kathy lives in Tasmania, Australia, with ten of her fourteen children. She runs an Etsy shop and blogs about beauty, faith and family. Kathy likes classical music, art, and the occasional glass of wine.  She is my kind of gal.  So take it away Kathy.

Stefano Lubiana Wines

Hi Everyone,  I would love to introduce you to Stefano Lubiana Wines.

Stefano Lubiana Wines, Findingourwaynow.com

Steve is a fifth-generation wine-maker; his father came to Australia from Italy. This Italian heritage is evident in the design of their home – a beautifully reproduced Tuscan villa, and also in their stunning new visitor centre which nestles into the landscape; a harmony of sandstone, glass and rendered brickwork. As Monique pointed out, owning a vineyard is a lot of people’s dream lifestyle, and the visitor centre gives ordinary wine-lovers a chance to experience that lifestyle for an afternoon.

Stefano Lubiana Wines, Findingourwaynow.com

Tasmania is famous for its pinot noirs, and the Lubiana’s have enjoyed Australia-wide, and even international success with this wine, which is also my particular favourite. About 50% of their vineyard is devoted to that variety, but they also produce several other varieties, including chardonnay, which is blended with pinot noir for their very special sparkling wine.

Steve and Monique have been in conversion to biodynamic viticulture for several years now, and this year released the first vintage certified to carry an ‘organic’ label. Believe it or not, I could actually taste a difference between the biodynamic wine and their previous version made with conventional techniques.  Steve also uses an xflow filter, which has a ceramic plate to filter sediment from his wines – a great bonus for those people with food allergies who can’t tolerate the traditional additives of isinglass (shellfish) or egg.

Stefano Lubiana Wines, Findingourwaynow.com

The Lubiana’s believe that biodynamic wine has greater health benefits than its mainstream counterpart, and I was reminded of the medieval monks’ high regard for the medicinal value of wine. It’s their hope that every bottle of their wine will bring joy and enhance friendships.

I left with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and a huge bunch of freshly-picked biodynamic asparagus, which made a wonderful combination at dinner that night: oven-roasted asparagus, served with jalapeno bread and a dollop of aioli.  It was simple and light and perfect with a glass of Stefano Lubiana wine.

For more about Stefano Lubiana wines, visit their website, where you can download their story which also features their Kindle book, “The Future Makers.”

Thank you Kathy.  I look forward to trying this wine when I have an opportunity.

Time for a glass…

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  • Catarina Alexon

    Honestly didn’t know about Tasmanian wines, Susan. But then again I should not be surprised considering that Australian wines are famous.

    • Kathy

      Hi Catarina, I’m thinking I should seek out some wine from the US and do a comparison!

  • Jacqueline Gum

    Pinot Noir is one of my favorites. Interesting…I had no idea they made wine in Tasmania! It’s on my list………….

    • Kathy

      Hi Jacqueline, I hope you have the chance to find some Tasmanian wine where you live!

  • bethany lee

    Kathy seems lovely and as for the healthier wine–I am all for that. Especially love that they don’t use shellfish or egg. Does thus make it an altogether vegan wine?

    • Kathy

      Bethany, yes, it is vegan and organic – Monique is also vegetarian :)

  • Cheryl Therrien

    Now that’s new one for me – biodynamic. Sounds impressive. Are they leading the way with this process, or is it a common thing? I am thinking marketing.

    I am not able to drink alcohol, including wine. It’s nice to meet you though! :)

    • Kathy

      Hi Cheryl, biodynamic agriculture uses special preparations to enhance the soil – you might say it’s like homeopathic medicine. There are quite a few organic wines in Australia, and at least one large biodynamic vineyard on the mainland. Sorry you can’t drink wine :(

  • Rebecca Thompson

    Fabulous – a wine I know I can get here in Australia :) :) :)
    I loved the post but am still getting over the fact she has 14 children!!!
    I’m off to purchase a bottle right now…

    • http://findingourwaynow.flywheelsites.com/ Susan P. Cooper

      Thanks Rebecca… me too… LOL. I would love to hear how you liked the wine when you give it a try. :-)

  • Kathy

    Hi Rebecca – great! Another Australian! Have a wonderful evening with your Lubiana wine :)

    • http://findingourwaynow.flywheelsites.com/ Susan P. Cooper

      I love it when two people find each other with a common interest. :-)

  • http://www.m4bmarketing.com Susan Oakes

    Hi Kathy,

    Good to see wines from Tassie being promoted. I have seen their wines in stores but haven’t tried them. Will remedy that on next visit to the shops.

    • Kathy

      Hi Susan, I’m glad to know that some are available in the US – I hope you find a nice one!!

      • http://www.m4bmarketing.com Susan Oakes

        I am another Aussie Kathy

        • Kathy

          Oh Susan, I get it now – which state?

          • http://www.m4bmarketing.com Susan Oakes

            I live in NSW Kathy

  • Jeri Walker-Bickett

    I don’t think I’ve ever tried a Tasmanian wine, so I’m pinning this so I can keep an eye out for it.

    • Kathy

      Hi Jeri, think of us going into summer, when you enjoy your wine!

  • http://findingourwaynow.flywheelsites.com/ Susan P. Cooper

    Hi Kathy, I have been totally out of pocket and haven’t had time to check in until now. You did a very nice job showcasing this wine and winery. I can’t wait to give it a try. :-)

    • Kathy

      Oh Susan – the bad news!!! A postal worker called me to say that the wine can’t be posted – being a PROHIBITED SUBSTANCE and all!!! This won’t look good in my Homeland Security file – (earlier this year, my son tried to buy a laser pointer from ebay but it was confiscated, so I’m already known to the Customs dep’t!)
      I’ll try and get a photograph of the cute Australian stamps I used for you…
      So sorry…:(

      • http://findingourwaynow.flywheelsites.com/ Susan P. Cooper

        No worries Kathy. It’s the effort that counts. Thanks for trying.

  • Adrienne

    Welcome to Susan’s place Kathy and thanks for sharing this wine with us.

    As Susan knows I’m not a big wine connoisseur but I do love wine. I’ve always heard that the Australian wines are just fabulous so I have no doubt this one is as well.

    Appreciate this write up.


    P.S. Disque isn’t cooperating today and it won’t sign me in. Bummer!

    • Kathy

      Hi Adrienne, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one having trouble with Disqus! It’d kind of nice to be known as a ‘guest’ anyway…

  • Debra Yearwood

    I’m not sure I’ve ever tried a Tasmanian wine, but do like quite a few Australian wines, so I am curious. I love that it is organic too as I’ve find them easier to digest than the “traditional” methods. How did adding chemicals become traditional? :) Thanks for the introduction.

    • Kathy

      Hi Debra – that’s a good question about the chemicals…I went through a stage where I couldn’t drink wine or anything with sulfates added; even though I can tolerate them now, this biodynamic wine tastes so much nicer.

  • Jon Jefferson

    I love cellar pics. This one reminds me of some of the French aging cellars I have seen pics of. How large is it?

    • http://findingourwaynow.flywheelsites.com/ Susan P. Cooper

      I do too Jon, I try to get them when ever I’m at a winery. :-)