• So nice to read the story behind my blogging assistant! Love you Elizabeth & congrats on the new business! 🙂

    • Elizabeth Scott

      Cheryl, It is clients and friends like you that make me successful. You have been such a wonderful help and a very good friend. I am so glad I was able to partner with you.

  • Thanks, Elizabeth, for this helpful post on time management. I see that Susan has introduced you to members of our great and supportive LinkedIn blogging group. I just visited your website and I’m impressed with the services you offer. A recommendation from Susan Cooper is good enough for me!

    • Elizabeth Scott


      I have been extremely fortunate to meet and get to know some of the wonderful bloggers on Linked In BHB. I have learned so much about what bloggers accomplish each and every day. I envy each bloggers determination. I started this business because of the leadership and education that Susan has blessed me with. She is such an inspiration to myself. I have found my passion and dedication with helping bloggers and I believe I have found my home.

  • I’ve always struggled with prioritizing, but I’ve recently started listing the three most important things that I want to get done for the day rather than a long list. Thanks for the tips.

    • Elizabeth Scott

      Jeri, Three things a day is better than running around not finishing anything. Great idea… I always try to schedule some “free time” in my day. It may be a half hour that I can read a couple pages of a good book or a chance to work on a project with a later deadline.

  • Catarina Alexon

    Welcome Elizabeth! What a nice story about you and Susan. Reading your bio a lot of things make perfect sense.

    If I were you I would add Google Plus administration to your services. It looks like we all need to pay much more attention to Google Plus, if we wish to end up high on SERP’s that is.

    Have noticed that activity on Linkedin is going down and much more is going on on Google Plus.

    • Elizabeth Scott


      Your suggestion is wonderful and I thank you for the advice. Since I recently created VAtoGo, I am still in some learning stages. I will definitely be adding Google Plus Administration to my services offered. I believe Google Plus is something that is going to be very good.

  • A pleasure to meet you here Elizabeth.

    I used the Pomodoro technique – this year anyway.

    Last year I tried – no lists whatsoever. I can reaffirm your blog ideas here by saying emphatically THAT does not work.

    Thanks for the valuable insights.

    • Elizabeth Scott


      Likewise it is so nice to meet you also. You have given me yet another avenue to look into. I am not familiar with the Pomodoro technique. I believe it is not a matter of making sure you get everything done but a way to organize yourself and lessen the daily stresses.

  • I have found lately that spending a few minutes at the start of my day (waking up) and at the end of my day (before going to bed) talking about what I need to get done, actually helps me out immensely with staying on my path. I have tried to do lists and others like that and they just don’t work for me.

    • Elizabeth Scott

      Lists do not work for everyone but the important thing is to know what you need to do and fit all the vital things into your schedule. I like lists or action items so I have a central location for everything and I can make sure I mark things off as I go. This way, I do not go back and wonder if I am forgetting anything.

  • Wow! Elizabeth sure sounds well organized! I confess that since I’ve been writing my book, I’ve had to let things slide. Though I’d like to be, I just can’t seem to focus and get ahead of the game. But definitely having things (tasks) written down helps keep one on track, and being able to check them off when they’re completed sure feels good!

    • Elizabeth Scott

      Doreen, Start small and soon you will have all your tasks prioritized before you know it. Start one day with scheduling your tasks for the day. Then it is easy to branch out and manage more of your time. What is your book about?

  • Elizabeth sounds like she would save you so much time Susan and her way of time management makes sense. One thing I got into the habit of years ago was to set aside time each month and list all the projects, the steps or tasks that had to happen in detail and dates. This means each day I know what has to happen and it seems to usually keep me on track.

    Good luck with your new business Elizabeth.

    • Elizabeth Scott

      Thank you very much Susan. I believe that scheduling out your projects and daily responsibilities is vital. I am a busy mom as well as a Virtual Assistant and scheduling gives me the opportunity to not miss something important.

  • Elizabeth and Susan, This was a great introduction to Elizabeth’s blog.
    Congratulations are in order. It was insightful to hear how Elizabeth brought her
    organization skills to the position of executive assistant. It sounds like sh had her hands full!

    I’ve got to know Elizabeth a little already since she started helping with the LinkedIn Bloggers Helping Bloggers group and I can attest to the fact that she is extremely well organized.

    Elizabeth, I’m sure you are going to do well with your new business.

    • Elizabeth Scott

      Hi Sherryl, Thank you for your comment. I am very excited to be invited to guest post on Susan’s site. Thank you for the complement. I have enjoyed working with such a wonderful group of bloggers.

  • For many years I have been one for setting time limits to activaties I do sometimes it is the simplest way to get everything done like the ironing or cleanning that bathroom. The tasks rarely take as long as I expect them to so getting started is for me the hardest part. Great guest post

    • Elizabeth Scott

      Thank you Jo-Anne, I to always try to organize the tasks and sometimes depending on the task I will complete a lot of “5-minute” tasks and then have more time to focus on the larger tasks.

  • wendy mccance

    Great article. Organizing tasks is something I am always trying to tweak. What a great idea to break up the tasks by length of time needed.

    • Elizabeth Scott

      Hi Wendy, I too had struggled with time management. I am a busy mom and business owner who knew if I couldn’t figure out a system, nothing would ever get done.

  • Elizabeth – I really like your use of the “buckets”. I’ve always kept a list of action items, but haven’t bucketized them. Also, I had a Manager who made me do weekly progress reports; as much as it annoyed me, it really kept me on track.

    • Elizabeth Scott

      Dan, When I was a manager I tried to encourage my reps to really organize their tasks. Every Friday they had a check out list that they needed to complete and turn in to ensure that all the important stuff was complete. Using buckets help me make sure if a “fire” comes up, I can organize it in the correct are to make sure I am on top of it. How’s your trip going?

  • Margaret Duarte

    I’ve seen you in action, Elizabeth, and I was impressed. Love your website. Good luck with your new venture.

    • Elizabeth Scott

      You are so kind Margaret. I am hoping to use my passion to help bloggers grow their success. I want to be a partner with them.

  • Debra Yearwood

    This is great and practical advice Elizabeth. It’s common sense that I don’t always use but wish I did. I think that I’ll print it off and post it for me and my office colleagues to consider. Thank you for sharing.

    • Elizabeth Scott

      Debra – Sometimes it is the little common things that give us the worse time. Thank you for your comment. My office has a lot of printed nuggets of information I always want to remember.

  • Darlene Nemeth

    I use the same type of system at work to organize my tasks. And yes, when my desk starts to get cluttered, I know it’s time to make a change. Now if only, I could use those time management skills at home.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.



    • Elizabeth Scott

      I can not work when I am cluttered. Everything on my desk needs to be neat and in order or I feel like I am chasing my tail. I too need to take my own advice at home.

  • Time management has never been my strong suit. I keep a weekly “work in progress list” that gets added to as assignments come in, and do a daily listing as well. Still, there just never seems to be enough time, and I stay up way too late. Your system is infinitely preferable!

    • Elizabeth Scott

      There is never enough time in the day. That is one reason I started VAtoGO so I can give back time to bloggers who are searching for some more time in their day.

  • Mary Slagel

    I love the idea of throwing different assignments and projects and “the things that need doing” into “buckets”. I am a big fan of prioritizing by lists. I remember sitting in middle school and writing down what I needed to do each afternoon in order of importance. It has always kept me on track.

    • Hi Mary, That is awesome. SOme of us never learn to do that. I still struggle to stay on track because I am so easily distracted. That’s what I get for having a curious mind. 🙂

    • Elizabeth Scott

      Mary – it is a great way to stay on task and the sooner you get started the better. In school my son is learning to organize and the school provides an agenda book to help with that.

  • Claire Cappetta

    When I had my office I would take out all the files which I knew needed to be worked on they would start as a huge pile on the right hand side of my desk and finish on the left side to be put away again sometime that evening… even if that was 11 at night.
    Now work has changed for me as a writer and author. I have a stay at home husband who is incrediblt talkative…. It has taken sometime for him to recognize that if I don’t answer him then I’m busy! lol He’s slowly catching on… I reckon he completely understand in say…. another year! 😉

    • I had exactly the same problem, Claire. It’s as if they see you so you must be free to talk. Keeping organized and having a chatty husband can be daunting, can’t it? 🙂

    • Elizabeth Scott

      Claire – Chatty husbands are the best… 🙂 I too have a husband that loves to talk and it is normally when I am right in the middle of something. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another year. That is why I am creating my office space so I can close out the family and focus on what I need to at the time.

  • Mark Brody

    I will say, admin professionals have helped me out of more jams, and I am truly thankful for them. It looks like you found a gem in Elizabeth!
    Time management is the one area that I continually struggle with. There have been times in my career that I have been in a time management “zone”, however, I can honestly say, right now is not one of those times.

    Thank you for sharing those tips and helping me get back to ground zero.

    • Hi Mark, I understand that and I too have been saved by some very good admin assistant, Elizabeth being one. 🙂

  • Great tips. I used to be in an admin job (several different ones actually) and did something very similar to you to try to keep on top and not let anything fall through the cracks.
    I also love the point where when your desk is not organised and you recognise the need to step back. That is my point where I know I need to stop too 🙂

    • Hi Rebecca, Then I would say you understand the challenges of time management. It sure isn’t easy. I too love that tip, and have been using it as a result of Elizabeth. 🙂

  • Ann


  • Althea

    Thank you for a great article on time mangement. As a full time, never at home, mom. Any and all tips are valuable.

    • Hi Althea, Your welcome and thank you for stopping by. I think we all need a little help in this area… LOL.