Steelhead Vineyards, findingourwaynow.nowEvery now and then I am given a bottle or two of wine.  Such was the case with the two bottles I received form Steelhead Vineyards. What’s great about this is I get to try some great new wines, and I get some great information about that winery without having to do much of the research.

So, let me tell you about the vineyard and the two bottles of wine I received.  They are the Steelhead Pinot Noir 2011 and the Steelhead Red Wine 2010.  We decided to have the two wines with a simple pasta dish, salad and crusty bread.  The pasta meal was a great choice to act as a backdrop for these two wines.  Although we enjoyed both, our preference was for the Steelhead Vineyards Pinot Noir 2011.

The story behind the creation of Steelhead Vineyards is pretty cool.

Steelhead Vineyards, findingourwaynow.nowQuivira Vineyard & Winery founded Steelhead Vineyards in 1998. Both are located in the beautiful Sonoma Wine Region of Northern California. They had two goals with Steelheads Vineyard’s creation.  They wanted to use their resources to create an outstanding wine and to find ways to maintain and restore the natural environment in the area.

The Steelhead Vineyards name and label began as a tribute to the Steelhead Trout native to the area and the Coho Salmon. This was an expression of Quivira Vineyard’s commitment to restoring the natural habitats and waterways under their stewardship. With the help of some California agencies, university organizations and Trout Unlimited, their restoration efforts to bring back the steelhead trout was a great success. Their actions have since inspired others to do the same. These facts alone would be reason enough for me to consider buying their wine.

Steelhead Vineyards, findingourwaynow.nowSteelhead Vineyards is now in partnership with 1% for the Planet.  This is an organization that supports environmental causes by using the donations of 1% percent all organization member sales for the sole purpose of restoring and preserving other natural habitats and environments in need. This is yet another good reason to purchase their wine.

This is what the winemaker has to say about these two wines:

Steelhead Vineyards, findingourwaynow.nowSteelhead Vineyards Pinot Noir 2011:

“A fresh, bright melange of red fruits on the nose, highlighting dark cherry and dried strawberry. The palate enters with bright cherry, wild Raspberry and Pomegranate with a hint of cola, earth and spice. This medium bodied pinot has classic old world elegance and balance making it extremely versatile. This wine complements richer seafood, poultry and other meats.”

Steelhead Vineyards, findingourwaynow.nowSteelhead Vineyards Red 2010:

“Aromas of deep, dark ripe berry immediately draw you in for a taste. Echoed on the palate with Blackberry and bing cherry married with chocolatey notes and subtle toasty oak. Aromas and flavors flow into a lush mid-palate and a long, lingering finish that is clean with crisp balanced acidity. Shines with summer BBQ’s.”

I love the fact that whenever I buy a bottle of wine from Steelhead Vineyards I am in some small way, helping with a much needed environment restoration.

You can find Steelhead vineyard wine at,, and any good wine purveyor.

Time for a glass…

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  • Leora Wenger

    You do make them sound so tasty! It’s a wonderful logo – great branding. I love the fish illustration. Glad it supports a good cause.

    • Susan Cooper

      That is is and I too love the logo Leora. It really cool to see the other logo that represent their other environmental endeavors.

  • Cheryl Therrien

    I love vendors that ‘give back’. I buy from them before anyone for that very reason. :)

    • Susan Cooper

      Me too Cheryl, I do the same when ever I can. :-)

  • jeannettepaladino

    More companies are finding that it makes good business sense to contribute part of the proceeds from their sales to charitable causes. People want to do business with companies that care about the environment, poverty, disease and a host of other terrible problems. So glad to hear about this vineyard.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Jeannette, It really si a win al around when they do, don’t you think. I agree with you. I know I will buy form an environmentally conscious company first before and any other. :-)

  • Jon Jefferson

    Stewardship of the lands is a great endeavor. I like to see producers giving back to ensure we have something to enjoy in future generations.

    • Susan Cooper

      I couldn’t agree with you more Jon, It is so important. :-)

  • Catarina Alexon

    Vineyards are wonderful, aren’t they? They are right to contribute part of their earnings to charitable causes. Am glad that this is a huge and growing trend all over the world. Chinese customers actually prefer to buy from companies that care for people and society.

    • Susan Cooper

      Yes they are Catarina, It is really great to see more and more business becoming involved in the kind of endeavor. :-)

  • Jeri Walker-Bickett

    There really is so much to be said for being able to feel like you’re standing behind something important when buying a product. It matters more to me all the time, so much so that I’ve given up Wal-Mart and I’ll never, ever eat at a Chick-fil-a.

    • Susan Cooper

      Without question Jeri, For me it really is important when I can support a company who does something like this. It makes me feel good.

  • Julie

    I love the fact that they are environmentalists too. As you said, I am going to look for this wine for that reason.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Julie, So do I. it helps make my decision on a purchase easier when I know about this kind of environmental support. :-)

  • Arleen Harry

    I am a native from California and visited Napa Valley often. I have never seen this winery. I will visit it my next trip back home. I am pleased to hear they are interested in the environment. The wine country is absolutely beautiful.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Arleen, They are small boutique winery in Sonoma. They have a great history of supporting the environment. I also love that are and look forward to hearing about your visit when you do. :-)

  • Susan Oakes

    Sounds like a smart move to help the environment and they had this focus from the start is a tribute to them.

    • Susan Cooper

      It really was, Susan, and as you said, one that I think they had a commitment to form the very beginning. :-)

  • Debra Yearwood

    Great focus on the environment. I immediately did a search to see if Steelhead is available in Ontario…unfortunately it’s not :( I’ll have to put it on my list of things to try when I’m next in the U.S.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Debra, That’s too bad, I know you’d love it. They are a small boutique winery well worth the effort of locating a bottle or tow of there offering. :-)

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    That great that they are trying to help the earth as well. That’s always a plus

    • Susan Cooper

      I do agree with you Krystle. It is now what I look for when I purchase a product. :-)

  • Ashley Faulkes

    A great story of good wine and environmental support. Who wouldn’t want to buy! Only problem is I can’t. But I am there in spirit!

    • Susan Cooper

      That to bad Ashley, It’s a boutique small batch winery. If you have a chance to try it, I know you’d enjoy it. :-)

  • Mary Slagel@Financial-Lessons

    Great history behind the wine. I love wine and having a good time but it gets even better when you can enjoy life and wine while helping a bigger cause.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Mary, I agree. Drinking good wine is always fun. When you can add to the experience with a cause, that like it makes it all the better. :-)

  • Ann Odle

    Have you ever tried Penfold’s wines? They’re Australian and I just dance in the aisles when I find them on sale~

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Ann, I have not. Now I must go in search of it. anything that makes you dance in the aisles makes it worthy to me. :-)

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