Resolutions, a good many of us make them with varying results. New Year’s Resolutions are such a tradition that I’m not even sure how seriously we really take them. Never-the-less according to a study by the University of findingourwaynow.comScranton/Psychology Department here are the top 10 favorite New Year’s Resolutions that many of us profess we will do at the beginning of a New Year.

Note: In the order of popularity

  1. Lose weight
  2. Get organized
  3. Spend less, Save more
  4. Enjoy life to the fullest
  5. To stay fit and healthy
  6. Learn something exciting
  7. Quit smoking
  8. Help others in their dreams
  9. Fall in love
  10. Spend more time with family

What’s interesting to me is the success rates of our working towards or achieving these resolutions. The study says that 45% of the population usually will make New Year’s Resolutions and of those who make resolutions only 8% will be successful at achieving their goal. The University of Scranton/Psychology Department then goes on to say that people who are explicit in making resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain success. How it all plays out starts within the first week of the New Year. In the first week 75% are engaged in working on their resolutions. By the sixth month that number drops to 46% and continues to drop as the year wears on to land at 8%.

Within that 8%, what are the success rates for varying types of resolutions? I found this to be very interesting.

  • 47%     Self improvement or education resolutions
  • 38%     Weight related resolutions
  • 34%     Money related resolutions
  • 31%     Relationship related resolutions

It would appear that we’re much more inclined to educate ourselves or learn something new and lose weight then we are in taking care of our finances or personal relationships.

fidningourwaynow.comSo what are my explicit resolutions? All of the above except #3, #7 and #9 because I’ve been pretty good at figuring out my finances, I don’t smoke, and I am very happily married.

The order of my resolutions are not the same. Because, in some cases, I am doing pretty well and just need to stay the course. In others, I need to put some effort into achieving greater success. Then there are the ones that are uniquely mine.

I know what you’re thinking, what were my last year’s resolutions and how did I fair. Actually I prefer to call my resolutions goals. Let me break last year’s resolutions/goals into three categories; Success, Somewhat Successful & Needs Work


  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Learn something new and exciting
  • Launch my new website by the end of January.
  • Find savings in our household expense wherever possible

Somewhat Successful

  • Live life to fullest every day
  • Help others achieve their dreams
  • Continue to lose weight
  • Stay fit and healthy with daily exercise

Needs Work

  • Get more organized, specifically clean out my garage

So what are my 2013 New Year’s goals or resolutions if you will? Here you go.

Note: These are not in order of importance or

  1. Find ways to monetize and make money with my blog.
  2. Produce a book of my stories
  3. Work on a sequel to “Dream Catchers”
  4. Strive for balance and live life to the fullest everyday
  5. Help others achieve their dreams wherever I can
  6. Continue to lose weight with a goal of 20 pounds
  7. Stay fit and healthy with daily exercise
  8. Clean our and organize my garage (and kitchen pantry).

So I would ask that you wish me good luck and that I will fall into the 8% that actually achieve my desired results this year.

What are some of your resolutions? Are they among the top ten? Do you have some that are uniquely yours?

Life’s journey continues…

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  • Kerris

    Hi Susan
    It was interesting to read what your resolutions are and I am sure that you will be focused and be in the 8% that achieve their goals.
    I find that this year seems to be the year of wanting to help others and hopefully if we can all make someones life better. That will make our resolutions a success
    Thanks for sharing your resolutions with us

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Kerris, It was a very interesting fact, that 8%. It is and always has been my goals to aide or help others whenever and wherever I can. And THANK you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. :-)

  • Donna Merrill

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for sharing your resolutions! I believe that when we share our story, many people can learn from that. Resolutions usually bottom out, but when you are consistent with it and make it a habit, you will reach your goal and be on the top percentile. Good luck with it, Donna

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Donna, That is the key, isn’t it? The consistent part along with determination can move mountains. Thank you for your good luck wishes and I give the same back to you. :-)

  • Bruno Bürgi

    I personally don’t make new years resolutions anymore. What I do is on a regular basis goal setting and review it from time to time. For me this way is more powerful to achieve the things I want in life.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Bruno, Many people don’t. I’m with you there. I set goals and reset them once a goal has been accomplished. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when you do that, isn’t it? :-)

  • Cheryl Therrien

    It’s interesting to see your resolutions. I am not making any resolutions, just plans. You are part of those plans. 2013 is going to be a very good year! :)

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Cheryl, Thanks and I think plans do carry more weight. I am very excited about next year and what we will accomplish together. WOO! HOO!

  • Beth Hewitt

    Hi Susan I am surprised that the research doesn’t have ‘do a 30 day blog post challenge’. How very strange. Only joking. Well-done you in achieving all that you did and for being so organized to have all your new ones ready to go.

    I have a lot of things in my head, that I need to get on paper in the next few days. The blogging challenge has thrown me off course. It was a last minute idea which seems to have proven one of my better ones.

    I wonder how many other crazy ideas I will have this year.

    To your success,

    Beth :)

    • Susan Cooper

      HA,HA,HA Beth, That was a good one. Thank you for your kind words.

      I need to do the same thing. The blog challenge was brilliant and worth the distraction. I just hope I can keep up. :-)

  • Holly

    Well Susan, I must say that I quit making New Years resolutions some time ago… But I do put a few “goals” out there once in a while… This year I have set up myself for a few things I want to achieve, and they do happen to fall into the top 10 category! All the best in your year and I hope you do fall into that 8 %!

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Holly, It funny how we have goals that are in the top ten list, isn’t it? I do prefer goals over resolutions as well. My plan is to be in the 8%… LOL. I’ll let you know how that works out. Happy New Year! :-)

  • Jon Jefferson

    I don’t do the whole resolution thing, although I did go so far as setting some goals for the year. There is quite a bit I want to accomplish this year.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Jon, Me either, goals are so much better, aren’t they? Here is wishing the best 2013 has to offer you. :-)

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    I haven’t really made any resolutions this year but I would like to have my new house be more organized and care less about what other people think

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Krystle, Boy, I’m with you there on both counts. I will wish the same for both of us on both counts. :-)

  • Jeri Walker-Bickett

    I’m always setting goals, and I also make New Year’s resolutions. I developed a jogging routine last year, and this year I hope to start doing pilates again. In addition to all of my writing and blogging goals, I think my number one resolution this year would be to live more in the moment and not worry so much about the past and future.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Jeri, I think we would all benefit form woking on and achieving living in the moment. When we can let the past stay in the pst we are so much better for it and it aide being present. Happy New Year my friend. May all your wishes come true.

  • Liz

    Firsrt of all, Susan, congratulations with the goals you did succeed in last year. Mine were so blown out of the water with things that transpired this summer. I believe that you will you be successful (within the 8% group) this year for 98% of your goals. (Only because the garage is lingering! lol).
    My main goal is to find a permanent home this year, and if things happen like last year, the nuthouse would even do – kidding!! Second is to produce work that will get noticed. Third is to continue to grow in my skills with the main group I belong to.
    In order to be of any assistance, whether formally or iinformally to people I know and care about, the first three need to jive as they take a fair bit of my time, not that they are thought of less by any means.
    C’mon 2013…let’s se what we can do!

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Liz, Yeah, the garage thing is hanging over me… LOL. I LOVE your goals and wish you great success achieving them. I do get that part about being in concert with your projects etc.

      Yep, bring it on 2013. Happy New Year my friend. :-)

  • jeannettepaladino

    Susan – I admire the time you spend on your New Year’s resolutions.Congratulations. I have the same three every year, which I “borrowed” from my brother.
    1) No more coulda, woulda, shouldas. We spend entirely too much time on what we should have or could have done better. That does no good at all and simply depresses you and throws you off track. Stop it!
    2) Stay fit. Within that I’ve had sub-goals to lose X amount of weight. Two years ago that was a priority and I did it. (Now I have to lose the 4 lbs I gained this past holiday season but I’m committed, so it will happen).
    3) Have fun. Did you hear me? We’ve got to enjoy life. If work becomes something we dread, then we need to add more fun to our lives.
    I think the simpler the resolutions better, although it helps to add specificity — like 20 pounds in six months. Be realistic, too. Instead of reaching for the stars, try for the moon. Happy New Year!

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Jeannette. , It’s official, I am using these going forward. They are awesome. Have the best year ever my friend. :-)

      • jeannettepaladino

        Great — I know they will work!
        Best to you, my friend.

      • jeannettepaladino

        Great — I know they will work!
        Best to you, my friend.

  • jeannettepaladino

    Susan – congratulations on the time you spent on your New Year’s resolutions. I have three I use every year that I borrowed from my brother. They are:
    1) No more coulda, woulda, shouldas. I could have done that if only I had (fill in the blank). It is a waste of time and will depress you and stop you from doing the things you need to do to achieve your goals.
    2) Stay fit. As a subset two years ago I committed to losing weight and I did. It helps to add specific goals like lose 20 pounds in 6 months.
    3) Have fun. We need to add more fun in our life. If we find we’re burning out or hating what we do — do something that is enjoyable, like going to a movie or taking a walk.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Jeannette, I just love these. I may just have to adopt them for the future. I wish you great success with what you set out to accomplish in 2013. I know that you will do great thing and reach great success in the coming year. BTW: Some of these very familiar to me… LOL. Have a very Happy New Year my friend. :-)

  • Jo-Anne

    Resolutions are for people with more follow through then me, I have zero follow through…….ok I have some follow through just not a lot but not zero etiher………..

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Jo-Anne, You’re too funny my friend. Me thinks you sell yourself a bit short. What ever you wish for in 2013, I do hope it comes to pass for you. :-)

  • Sherryl Perry

    Susan, I don’t make New Years resolutions but I admire those who do. I have set the goal to exercise more to stay healthy. I have to say that I am amazed by people who resolve to fall in love. How exactly does one go about that?. Thankfully, I’m happily married but the idea of making falling in love perplexes me.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Sherryl, I thought that was kind of perplexing too. But people do seem to think it’s possible. Maybe that is why so many don’t reach success by the end of the year. Because it’s an impossible dream. :-)

  • NettieMae

    I’ve never been good with resolutions. I don’t think it matters what time of the year I make them. I have been working on setting goals and I think that works out much better for me. When I know I have a year to accomplish something, I end up waiting til December and then decide that I’ll just do that next year.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Nettie, Yeah I get that… LOL, and that is why I prefer goals too, both short term and long term. Good luck this year and may all your goals be achieved. :-)

  • Jamie Gall

    Another great post from you Susan!

    • Susan Cooper

      Thank you so much Jamie. :)

    • Susan Cooper

      Thank you so much Jamie. :)

  • Patricia Weber

    I don’t set resolutions any more, haven’t for years. Instead I usually have a mantra. This year it’s – Trust in your dream in 2013. That’s my guidance for what I do. Thanks for the deets on the study of which I am already familiar with. Happy New Year again!

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Patricia, I’m with you. I using set my own planing for the coming year in motion in the last quarter of the prior year. It’s an old habit from my corporate days. I set goals but many would called the resolutions. I love your mantra. It’s one we should all work on. :-)

  • Bethany Lee

    This was a very interesting article and the sats you shared are really eye opening. You already know some of my resolutions but what say you i fly out to your neck of the woods and help you clean your garage? :-)

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Bethany, I thought they were interesting too. I would love it, but it is a hugh project, not for the faint of heart… LOL

  • A.K.Andrew

    Really interesting post Susan, and a good look at what the general population have managed. I think your way of making the result and the intention a little more broad is better. I gave up on having New Years Resolutions per se, but that doesn’t mean to say I don’t have goals. My two big ones are finish final edit, find an agent or way of publishing my novel Under the Bed, and also move back to California hopefully by the summer. Spending time with family and friends and making new ones also important. But the rest of life will have to work around that. Maybe we’ll even get to meet each other this year Susan! Thanks for the post.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi A.K., They are, aren’t they? I wish you all the best with your goals this year. It would be the coolest thing ever if we actually meet up. You must keep me posted on your potential move. :-)

  • John McCullough

    As we speak, I’m still working on specific goals (for accountability’s sake), but generally speaking I want to do better — or better stated — make progress in all aspects of my life.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi John, It’s nice to see you here. :-), I have a general idea of what my main goals are. Now it’s about implementation. I wish you all the best with 2013. :-)

  • grace

    An excellent post. I am psrt of the 45 percent who make resolutions. I conf they have new a “road map” for bettering myself!

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Grace, Thanks, Yeah many of us fall in the category, don’t we? Good luck and all the best with your goal in 2013. :-)

  • Dan Meyers

    First – good luck, I know you’ll do well with many of your resolutions! As far as me, I don’t generally make resolutions… but I do have some big goals to travel and grow the blog :)

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi dan, Thanks so much. Resolutions or not, I am very excited for you and your coming adventure. My wish for you is that your journey be everything you hope for, that you find what you are looking for and more. :-)

  • jeremybelter

    Is daily exercise something you can do? What if you could do much less and see better results? What do you mean by exercise?

    Anyways that one stuck out because of the profession I am in and I see so many reason why people fail. Thanks for sharing and hope we can connect in the future online.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Jeremy, It was until the Holidays. My goal is to get back to walking 3 to 3.5 miles a day followed with light weight and strength training. I do understand why it one people fail at because it’s so easy to find an “excuse” not to.

  • Julie

    You did pretty darn well last year. I wish I could say the same. I wish you the best of luck in 2013 with your new “goals”.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Julie, Thanks and thanks for the best wishes. :-)

  • Kelly Wade

    Your #4 is also one of mine and I think is one that is somewhat of a life-long goal. Some that are uniquely mind are; run at least 5 races (5k or 10k) and build up my savings account. Good luck, you definitely have it in you to be one of the 8%!

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Kelly, It is for me as well. WOW that is really great and I will cheer you on with both you goals. Thanks for the gook luck wishes and have a great 2013. :-)