• Wendy Merron

    Susan, what a lovely story! While I was reading it I think I got the same feeling inside of me too. These are the best feelings to elicit whenever we need a lift.
    Thank you!

    • Thank you Wendy, I do love those felling too. They bring such happiness with them and hopefully to others that we share them with. Many Holiday wishes to you and yours. 🙂

  • Martin Casper

    Cool story, Susan. I know that it is very gut-wrenching for all of us right now, but posts like this are heart-warming and cheerful. Thanks

    • Thanks Martin, It really is. We must remember the living and that life does go on, as hard as that my seem at times. Happy Holidays, 🙂

  • Heart warming Susan. I have many fond memories of almost all holidays as I was growing up. Thanks for bringing up those memories for me with this one.

    • Hi Patricia, It pleases me that I was able to do that for you at this time of year. Have the best of holidays ever my friend. 🙂

  • Dan Meyers

    Susan – this is such a great story; I’m glad you shared it. I think one important part of remembering them is returning to a place where we can feel the joy that only a child can feel.

    Every year we loved to run out and see the new evidence of Santa’s visit which usually ranged from half eaten carrots and apples to one time when we even heard sleigh bells outside of our window!

    • How wonder to have those memories Dan. I believe that is truly what I love about this time of year. I have learned that adding to those special memories is so important. Happy Holidays my friend. 🙂

  • Susan I love your story about your childhood and your home looks very festive. Christmas is bittersweet for me but as a close friend of mine now has a degenerative disease, all of us have decided to embrace our inner child, be happy and do silly things that make us laugh.

    • Oh Susan, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Embracing your inner child seems like a very special thing to do. Creat some great memories and have a a great child like holiday my friend.

  • I love stories like these. Our minds give us those pleasant memories at that tender young age. What really happened doesn’t matter. It’s the memory that matters. 🙂

    • I absolutely agree. Cheryl. It’s the memories that are our true treasure. Without them life would feel so less full. Merry Christmas my friend. 🙂

  • Great story and my goodness your home looks lovely! Beautiful trees, never mind the decorations! it’s such a mixed thing for me the holidays these days. I’ve backed off doing so much shopping, in part through physical necessity, but also I think because it goes towards my feelings of what a materialist society we are- & I include myself in that description too. It’s just SO much money that is spent , that I wonder if it’s really all necessary. That said, for children, my goodness it is just the best time of the year, and I can remember being so upset when Christmas day was drawing to a close each year when I was little.

    • HI A.K. Thank you. I understand that. We have made a decision to pair down our spending and share time with family and friends instead with food and fellowship. It has been a wonderful decision. I do love to see the bright wide eye looks on children’s faces at this time of year. I also remember the sadness when it all ended in January. Happy Holiday my dear friend. 🙂

  • Your story reminds me of the Easter when one of my sister’s friends (who were nine years older than me) went to great lengths to convince me the Easter Bunny was hopping around in the living room. That instance certainly made a magical impression on me that has lasted all these years. In little ways, we all need to look for those ways to bring the gift of magic into our lives.

    • Hi Jeri, That is so true. What a great story and memory. When we do that it makes for such great memories and experiences, doesn’t it? :-). Have a great Holiday this year with lots of newly created memories my friend. 🙂

  • What a great story I have many memories of being so excited I didn’t think I would be able to get to sleep but I did of course…….I remember waking in the morning and opening the door to the lounge room and having a peak at what Santa had left…..
    I love Christmas time as well I don’t do much decoration the outside of the house but I would love to do more I do like to decorate the inside of the house

    • Hi Jo-Anne, We are kindred souls when it comes to the Holiday spirit. I say go for it with the decorations and have fun. Happy Holidays my good friend. 🙂

  • John

    Wow! You really put your heart into the holiday season. It’s very uplifting to see so much enthusiasm. Thanks for those great pics of your home. It gives your post a more personal touch.

    • Hi John, What a nice thing to say, thank you. I have had a great time with my new found love for photography and it pleases me greatly that you enjoy what I have created. 🙂

  • Jeannette Paladino

    Susan — lovely story and your Christmas tree is beaufiul. I, too, love Christmas and because I do a lot of decorating my friends seem to gravitate to my apartment. Most of them don’t decorate but they are happy that I do. This year is a little sad, because for the first time in memory, my brother won’t be having his four children and their children (who are now young adults) to a big and raucous get together. It was always so magical. I watched my nieces and nephews grow from infants to adulthood to parents themselves — but always home for the holidays. My brother and his wife will be moving to NC to be near two of their children and it’s transition time. Christmas won’t ever be quite the same.

    • Hi Jeannette, Ah, how life does change. I hope that this Christmas is still as joyous for you even with all the current changes. Happy Holidays and all that goes with it my good friend. 🙂

  • John Barton

    Hi Susan

    What a wonderful story – it epitomizes the emotions we have at this time of year! I thoroughly enjoy Christmas and all that goes with it! It is great to know you.

    • Hi John, Thank you so much for your thoughtful words. It is also a pleasure to have gotten to know you as well. Happy Holidays my friend. 🙂

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