I found this Raspberry Balsamic Jelly recipe by accident.  I was in the doctors office reading some ancient  magazine.  In one of the areas there was an article about good homemade accompaniments for a cheese plate.  One of the items was this recipe.  It sounded really interesting so I copied the recipe down.

After the doctors appointment I went to the store and bought what I needed to make this Balsamic Jelly.  It was an immediate hit.  It’s just the best stuff ever, and I now don’t limit it to only a cheese plates.  It’s particularly good on biscuits too.  You must give it a try to believe just how good it is.

Raspberry Balsamic Jelly

Balsamic Jelly, findingourwaynow.com


  • 2 cups balsamic vinegar
  • 1 package raspberry Jello
  • 16 tablespoons, honey (1 cup)


Balsamic Jelly, findingourwaynow.comPour vinegar into a small sauce; sprinkle gelatin over the vinegar. Let stand until gelatin softens, about 10 minutes. Stir over medium heat until the gelatin dissolves, and mixture is hot (do not bring to a simmer). Remove form heat. Stir in honey. Pour in 3 to 4 small jars. Chill until gelatin sets, about 8 hours. Cover and keep chilled. Serve with bread & butter or as a condiment on a cheese board.

Notes: You can make this 1 week ahead.  If you prefer, you may substitute 3 teaspoons unflavored gelatin for a plain balsamic jelly.

This balsamic jelly makes a particularly nice gift for cheese lovers.  It really complements a cheese plate nicely.  It is a favorite of many of my friends, and it’s often requested as a gift from my kitchen. Enjoy.

Time to eat…

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  • http://twitter.com/geekgirlusa Cheryl Therrien

    That sound scrumptious! Another one to add to my recipe collection. :)

    • http://findingourwaynow.flywheelsites.com/ Susan Cooper

      Hi Cheryl, It has such a great taste. When you try it let em know what you think. :-)

  • http://twitter.com/JeriWB Jeri Walker-Bickett

    As soon as I saw the title of this post, I was thinking it would go great on biscuits!

    • http://findingourwaynow.flywheelsites.com/ Susan Cooper

      Hi Jeri, This was such and interesting recipe that it boded a try. It is awesome on a warm biscuit. :-)

  • Jon Jefferson

    Normally for something like this I would make balsamic syrup (50 year old balsamic is just way to costly). I have never heard of using a fruity gelatin (or even a neutral one for that matter) with balsamic.

    • http://findingourwaynow.flywheelsites.com/ Susan Cooper

      Hi Jon, I have friends you will ask me in I have extra because they like it so much… LOL. Give this a try, it will amaze you. :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.owens.790 Mike Owens

    ” I was in the doctors office reading some ancient magazine. In one of
    the areas there was an article about good homemade accompaniments for a
    cheese plate. One of the items was this. It sounded really interesting
    so I copied the recipe down and after the doctors appointment”

    COPIED? Wow, Susan, you are better than I. I just use the judiciously placed cough, while I rip the thing out.

    Sounds good though. A lot like the Blackberry BBQ sauce I make. I go out on the local back roads in June and July and gather…they are all over the place. Never thought of using Jello…seems like cheating ;).

    • http://findingourwaynow.flywheelsites.com/ Susan Cooper

      Mike, well I actually took a picture on on iphone of the recipe… :D. It was such an unusual recipe that it cried out to me to try it. It was an awesome find. :)

  • Stephanie Ruby Feldman

    This sounds like a must make! Thanks for sharing!

    • http://findingourwaynow.flywheelsites.com/ Susan Cooper

      Hi Stephanie, It really and have fun with this one. :-)

  • http://twitter.com/InkkReviews Krisha & Katie

    I do cheese and wine nights monthly with my fiends. I don’t usually add extras unless they are super special, but I think this would make this list. My boyfriend puts balsamic vinegar on so many things. I believe he would enjoy this. ~Krisha

    • http://findingourwaynow.flywheelsites.com/ Susan Cooper

      I’m the same way, Krisha. This has become so popular with my friends that I now make up large batches of it and put it in small jars for gifts. If your boyfriend loves balsamic vinegar, he will LOVE this recipe. :-)

  • Lisa J. Jackson

    Wow, I can make jelly from Jello? That’s so cool! I love all types of fruits, and raspberries are a special treat. This is a definite to-try recipe. I feel empowered after getting all these recipes from you. 2013 is going to be fun for me – trying new foods and surprising friends and family with edible treats from *my* kitchen. yay! thanks, Susan.

    • http://findingourwaynow.flywheelsites.com/ Susan Cooper

      Hi Lisa, How cool. I can’t wait to hear more about your food adventures in 2013. :-)

  • http://twitter.com/artyyah A.K.Andrew

    It sounds delicious. When I was in Italy this year I had the thick, almost syrup consistency balsamic vinegar on fruit as well as ricotta as a dessert. I can imagine this is really good.

    • http://findingourwaynow.flywheelsites.com/ Susan Cooper

      WOW A.K. That sounds amazing. This is really good but could hardly compare to that experience. :-)

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