La Merika Pinot Noir, findingourwaynow.comI was in Cost/Plus World Market looking for some spices for a recipe I wanted to try. Of course, I couldn’t help but wander through the wine section. I met up with a wine buyer who was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell me about a great, inexpensive Pinot Noir. She was almost giddy. As you can guess, I had to have a bottle of La Merika Pinot Noir 2010.

After having tasted this wine, I absolutely agreed with her and understood her excitement. It was divine. I went back and bought a few more bottles.

Then I started my research on this La Merika Pinot Noir for an article. First of all, I loved their website. When you have a moment, check it out. Second, I learned that La Merika is owned my Delicato Family Vineyards.  I happen to also love the Delicato Merlot.  The Delicato Family Vineyards owns the nations, and perhaps the world’s, largest most diverse single vineyard property, located in southern Monterey County. They have an extensive list of labels that are all part of the DVW’s family of produced wines.

So not to confuse their information and story, I will let La Merika Winery speak for themselves.La Merika Pinot Noir,

“The story of La Merika is based around an alleged voyage that Henry Sinclair made from Scotland to the now present day

America in the early 1400s, almost 100 years before Columbus made his voyage in 1492. Theorists speculate that Sinclair discovered a royal archive under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, stating that Phoenicians from Tyre, voyaged to a western continent following a star called La Merika. According to some, the Knights of the Templars learned that in order to reach present-day America, they had to follow a star by the same name, which became the origin of the name America.”

The winery is located in the California Central Valley, in the town of Manteca. Manteca is about an hour south of Sacramento. Their wine grapes are grown in Central Coast Wine Region of California, an ideal place to grow wine grapes for their award winning wines.

In addition to this amazing La Merika Pinot Noir they also produce a Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. You can be sure I will also be checking out their Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

La Merika Pinot Noir 2010

This is what the winemaker has to say about this La Merika Pinot Noir:

“This Pinot Noir exhibits aromas of cloves, vanilla and red berries that are united by well-balanced flavors of cherries and jam. Enjoy this Pinot Noir with a lamb chili, spicy sausage penne pasta and Serra da Estrela cheese.”

La Merika Pinot Noir, findingourwaynow.comIf you love a great Pinot Noir, then this La Merika Pinot Noir is a wine you should definitely try, and soon. I really got into this wine and enjoyed it with a simple cheese and crackers plate.  As it was with the adventurers when they happened upon America, so it was for me in the discovery of this fabulous wine.

You can find this treasure at;,,,, CostPlus/World market, and many other grocery stores or wine markets. Enjoy.

Time for a glass…

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  • Cheryl Therrien

    You have got me looking at wine labels lately. This one looks a bit plain in comparison to some of those you have reviewed. Maybe plain and simple is good?

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Cheryl, The art of a wine label design is a fascinating thing. Most all vintners spend a great deal of time and money to create an image that would appeal and encourage someone to give their wine a try. So when I hear someone, including myself, say “the wine label was really great so I thought I would give it a try”, I smile. :)))

  • Patricia Weber

    Pinot Noir is my favorite red grape by far. Skip the cheese, just pour the wine! I’ve even asked for it in a – red wine spritzer which really throws any bartender off their feet since most people order white wine spritzer.

    Hmmm. I can taste this one in my watering mouth now that you described here. Thanks Susan.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Patricia, I love the Pinot Noir grapes varietal as well. They are, by far, my favorite. I love the idea of a Pinot Noir wine spritzer. That sounds like an awesome thing. :)))

  • Lynette

    Great review! I enjoy white wine the best. I can always go for some Riesling!

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Lynette, If you like good Riesling, check out my review on SeaGlass. I think it would be one you would enjoy. :-)

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    What is a good tasting wine for someone that doesn’t like the bitter taste of most reds? My husband and I are trying to get more into wine but don’t know really what way to go.

    • Susan Cooper

      Gosh that’s such a interesting question. I would recommend you give Bare Foot Wines a try. it’s a bit sweeter and softer to a new wine drinker.

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    What is a good tasting wine for someone that doesn’t like the bitter taste of most reds? My husband and I are trying to get more into wine but don’t know really what way to go.

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    What is a good tasting wine for someone that doesn’t like the bitter taste of most reds? My husband and I are trying to get more into wine but don’t know really what way to go.

  • Tope Olofin

    more wine tasting….

    • Susan Cooper

      Yep, and it’s fun too. :-)

  • HB

    I am a big fan of Pinot Noir, so that means I will be going the CostPlus to get this wine. Yeah!

    • Susan Cooper

      Very Cool!.. Let me know what you think when you do. :-)

  • Patrick Huff

    Hi Susan, Good story. I may need to write these down. LOL

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Patrick, You better get it quick it is, quit literally, flying off the shelves. It is amazingly good for the price. :-)

  • Jeri Walker-Bickett

    It’s been awhile since I added a new Pinot Noir to my list. I think I will definitely have to make a stop at Trader Joe’s on my next wine run so I can pick up a few of the ones you’ve mentioned in your blog posts.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Jeri, This is one differently want to try. It is just that good. :-) Let me know what you try and what you think when you do. :-)

  • Bethany Lee

    Interesting story–I was talking to a co-worker, with whom I always have interesting conversations and we started talking about wine. I told her about your site, and we visited it, and this post in particular. She noticed this post, and said, “I love that wine!” Then she noticed where you got it and said, “and I got it at World Market too!” She has travelled California wineries quite a bit and said she would come back on. What a neat way to connect further with people. :-)

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Bethany, That is an amazing story. You just never know where conversations or connections will take you… case-in-point our friendship… one I cherish. Thank you my friend.