• I would have loved to have had your father as a teacher! Great story! 🙂

    • Thanks Cheryl, He was a great teacher and Dad. I do miss him so. 🙂

  • doreenpendgracs

    What a great pic of your Dad, Susan! He must have been quite the guy!

    I generally don’t relate to anything math-related as it was my worst subject in school (I’m all about words!) It’s funny as my brother (my only sibling) was good at math and I was good at lit – his worst subject. We continue to be opposite in most regards, but definitely appreciate one another and our attributes.

    Re the balancing act, I’m having a bit of a tough time with that right now. MUST find more time to write my book!

    • Hi Doreen, Thanks so much. My Dad was pretty special, if I don’t say so myself. Math was part of our home along with my Mom’s focus on literature. We got a good dose of both.

      I hear you, there is so much to do and so little time… SIGH! 🙂

  • Keyuri Joshi

    What a touching story about your dad’s passion to teach…. REALLY Teach! His school kids in addition to his biological kids found a lesson that reached them at this level. This is a great trick that parents can continue to use.

    • Hi Keysuri, He such was a good role model for his kids. We were so blessed. He is very much missed.

      I agree, if all could learn that trick so many would benefit, wouldn’t they? 🙂

  • chad

    terrific story! and i love the picture of what must be your dad on the unicycle. such a great reminder to try and keep things in balance.

    • Hi Chad, Thank you and yes that is my Dad. I believe life balance is one our largest challenges. Thanks so much for visiting. 🙂

  • wendy mccance

    Love the story. Just had to retweet it. 🙂

    • Hi Wendy, Thank you, I very much appreciate it. 🙂

  • I think the best lessons were ones we learned as kids. What a wonderful man who looked for tangible ways to teach
    thanks so for the visit…

    • Hi Leslie, It is so nice to see you here. I would agree. They seem to stick with us and continue to teach us even as we grow. I was very lucky to have had a Dad like him… He is missed. 🙂

  • Jo-Anne

    What a great story and yes life is a balancing act and sadly many people stumble and fall way to much because they do not learn from their mistakes and keep on doing things the same old way even though that way makes them stumble and fall…..

    • Thanks Jo-Anne, How true that is. It’s painful to watch and more pained to see them do the same thing all over again… Sigh. One can always hope. 🙂

  • Your dad’s approach reminds me of a ninth grade science teacher that brought in a drum set so students could play when he was teaching a unit on sound waves. I fear on the literal unicycle that is life, this past year has been rather lopsided for me. Along with finding balance and finding your way, persistence is also key. I know I have that. The rest will fall into place 🙂

    • There are so many fun ways to teach something. I fear that is being lost in our current educational system.

      I have no doubt that things will smooth out for you. I predict that you are going to get where you want to be with room to share. 🙂

  • Jeannette Paladino

    Susan – I just loved this story and your having a photo of your dad on the unicycle is precious. He sounds like a wonderful man. What a great way to help kids learn a math formula. I also noticed that he was wearing a suit and tie, like my teachers did. I sometimes see teachers in outfits that I don’t think are fit for school, but that’s another story. Balance is essential in life. My getaway is the arts, but most importantly playing a game of duplicate bridge. It takes my mind off my work and my worries.

    • Hi Jeannette, Yes the suit, things certainly have changed over the years. Dad Always took great pride in his appearance and it showed.

      I do the same thing. When it all seems to be a bit overwhelming, I will go to a local art gallery or museum and it helps smooth things out. 🙂

  • Megan Broutian

    Susan, that was a great story! And I love your illustrations, I had no idea you were this good 🙂

    • WOW, Thank you Megan. It pleases me greatly that you enjoyed both. :-)))

  • Lanre

    An awesome post Susan!
    I’m really impressed by the way your dad strives to make his students understand. Math can be tough but a good teacher makes it easy and interesting.

    Life can also be tough but understanding how to create a balance would also make it easy and interesting.

    • Hi Lanre, My Dad has as much teaching his lessons as the kids did. We just never knew what he would do next… LOL.

      You’re right, achieving a balance in life isn’t easy but so worth the effort. 🙂

  • Tom Ross


    What a cool dad- and what a gifted storyteller his daughter!

    And love that photo.

    You’ve given us all a great treasure in this story and in the underlying message about balance.

    Thank you.


    • Thanks Tom, Thank you so much. My Dad was a treasure for me. He was the one who inspired me to excellent and succeed despite the odds. :))

  • ginavalley

    Wonderful memories of your dad. He sounds like a great dad, and a lot like my parents. I still remember my mom teaching my kids how to use stilts right in her house. Boy, I was never allowed to do that! Lol!

    • Hi Gina, He was a very special person. He achieved his to goal. to make a difference in the kid that he taught. That is a great story about your Mom. That must have been a hoot for the kids. Ah, the joys of being a grandparent… LOL. 🙂

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    Life is def a balancing act. There are so many things to do and so little time. We have to weigh whats important and go with that.

    • That is hardest part of all, the weighting of what is a priority and what isn’t. Some seem to have it all together, others like me, not so much… LOL 🙂

  • Life truly is a balancing act. I admire your dad’s creativity and his ability to teach a real lesson. I think you’re spot on…achieving balance can be difficult, but it can also be fun!

    • Hi Nicole, My Dad was a great teacher on so many levels, I was very blessed. I so agree with you, now lets try to make some fun out of this balancing thing… LOL 🙂

  • freda

    Susan as always I enjoy reading your posts. and I must agree with your dad,s students you really had a cool dad. Thank you for a timely post that always make me look inward, I have gained great insight about balance over the years especially now I am getting older. Your post has given me more nuggets of adding balance in my sometime busy life. Thanks for a great post

    • Hi Freda, Your kind words mean a great deal to me, thank you so much. Keeping a good balance is much like right a unicycle. It requires paying attention to what’s going on. It certainly isn’t easy that is for darn sure. 🙂

  • Margaret Duarte

    What a great teacher your Dad must have been. Now I see where you get story-telling talent.

    • Hi Margaret, Thank you. That was such a very nice thing to say. I think you may be right. Now that I think about it, Dad did like to tell stories… LOL

  • MaryAnne K

    Your dad sounds amazing!

    • Hi Mary Anne, He was a cool Dad. It took me until I was older to really understand how lucky I really was. 🙂

  • Lubna

    This is an amazing story. The balancing act may be difficult to accomplish at one go, but we all can and must find some “me” time, some time for family and friends. If you can’t meet them in person, find time to make a quick call. Little steps do go a long way.

    • Hi Lubna, Finding the right formula for balance certainly isn’t easy. You’re right, when you do, it really makes life fun. It take little steps as you say. 🙂

  • Patricia Weber

    Very cool dad. My dad was that way too – parenting by coaching.

    If by life balance you mean, balance life time with work time with family time, it seems to me it’s not as neat and tidy these days as it may have been in the past. In particular, technology of all types, has merely added to our already busy lives. What is more plausible is to balance your values with your life. Knowing what your values are keeps you focused on what’s important to you. Say if you discover you value (like I do) having more fun, than whether it’s in life, work or family, you’ll naturally be gravitating toward doing what is more fun.

    As always, excellent Susan.

    • Hi Patricia. You’re right, balancing life can mean much more than just time with family, friends and work.

      Values are certainly part of that balance equation. One thing I do know is I value friendships such as yours. I am very grateful for having met you. 🙂

  • Liz

    I love you, Susan!
    You have brought a smile to face this morning! I have to start to smile again and know that this crayhorse I am on at the moment will run out of momentum soon.
    Then I can go Whoo-hoo – what a ride and go again!
    i will talk to you soon!
    Hugs to you.

    • Hi Liz, Your comment makes ME smile and thanks. I do know what you mean. Life’s just that way sometimes, isn’t it? Hugs back my friend. 🙂

  • Julie

    I really love this story. It so reminds of my own Dad. I particularly love the picture of him on the unicycle. I struggle with balancing life, but you’re right, it’s worth the effort to figure it out.

    • Hi Julie, Thanks. It’s one of my favorite pictures of my Dad. I agree with you, working to find life balance is so worth it. 🙂

  • Wonderful story Susan!

    • Hi Laura, I’m sure your Dad was a special as mine. The unicycles were a hoot.

      Gosh, I’m blushing. Your kind words mean a great deal to me. 🙂

  • I think I know where you get your creativity and story-telling ability from…

    It’s so refreshing to hear about teachers who’ve try extra hard to shape minds. Unfortunately, now it seems like all of the ‘testing’ has taken teachers away from this and made them focus more on teaching students how to pass. The good ol days I suppose 🙂

    • Hi Dan, He was a story teller in his own right sure.

      I do agree. We have lost the creativity that used to be a great part of being a teacher. Yes, those were the good old days. 🙂

  • John Barton

    What a great meaningful story – I love the way you relate a story about your father to some real lessons in life – it certainly made me think about my father and what he did for my sister and I. You don’t always appreciate things at the time only afterwards or when it is too late. Anther good one.

    • Hi John, Thanks so much for your kind words. How true that is. I feel very blessed to have had a Father like my Dad. He is missed. 🙂

  • Rebecca Rider

    Your Dad sounds like a gifted and wonderful teacher!! 🙂 I love reading your posts! I’ve learned balance after becoming a mom by accepting that I can’t do everything, and focusing on the most important things! 🙂

    • Hi Rebecca, Thank you so much, it pleases me greatly that you enjoyed them. Having a child certainly helps you reset your priorities, that is for sure. 🙂

  • Grace

    What a great story Susan. And what a great teacher your dad must have been! Yes, mastering the balance in our life is the key to happiness. Luckily we get to practice it every day!

    • Hi Grace, He was a great Dad too. That is so true, we get to practice balancing life everyday. Some days I do better then others… LOL. 🙂

  • I LOVE this story. It’s always wonderful to hear inspiring stories about teachers. I’m not sure I’ve found my balance yet. Still trying to get everything settled in the correct places. On a side-note: My hubby also owns a unicycle! LOL Not sure why he bought it except that it’s something that’s pretty much “outside the box”. 🙂

    • Hi Michelle, I think that is a hoot that your husband has a unicycle. I know what you mean. Finding the right formula for balance is such a challenge. Sometimes I do better at it then others… LOL

  • John

    Wow! Now that’s a cool dad. Love the story.

    • Hi John, Yeah, he really was and thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed my story. 🙂

  • Adrienne Jones

    Nice story. And? You look like your dad!

    • Hi Adrienne, Thanks and everyone says that. 🙂