Raspberry Dessert Wine, findingourwaynow.comI found this raspberry dessert wine at Trader Joe’s quite a while ago, and it was love at first sip. This wine is all about raspberries. It is a very sweet dessert wine, but not a clawing sweet as you would expect.  Instead it is more of a fresh raspberry kind of sweet.  It is a delightful taste overall.

Venetian Moon Pinot Grigio, findingourwaynow.comWhen I served it to a friend, she was so excited about it she went out and bought two bottles of it to take home.

Saint James Spirits Raspberry Dessert Wine is produced especially by Saint James Spirits for Trader Joe’s. That said, Trader Joe’s is the only place you can find this raspberry dessert wine. As I’ve mentioned before Trader Joe’s is known for its well priced wines, spirits and other products from many different quality venders. Generally speaking a dessert wine of this quality would be quite a bit more expensive. Because Trader Joe’s deals directly with various venders it makes it possible for them to pass on the savings to us. The fact that they care greatly about the integrity of their end product to their customers makes it a win-win for everyone. 

Saint James Spirits Raspberry Dessert Wine

Raspberry Dessert Wine, findingourwaynow.com

This is what Trader Joe’s has to say about Saint James Spirits Raspberry Dessert Wine:

“The Saint James Spirits Raspberry Wine is made by crushing the finest raspberries at their peak of ripeness giving you an intense raspberry flavor without the syrup of other brands.”

You can obviously find this wine at any Trader Joe’s.  In fact, it’s the only place you can find this Saint James Spirits Raspberry Dessert Wine. It’s a delightful liqueur to have with friends, especially around holidays and special occasions.  

Again I would say if your budget is a bit slim, there is no need to sacrifice on having a good quality dessert wine. This raspberry dessert wine is every bit as it is described. You can serve this well chilled over or with ice cream, with chocolate cake, pound cake, add it to champagne for a very special treat or simply enjoy by itself. I love it just by itself as a simple finish following a significant meal. It is a wine we always have on hand for that reason and for just about any occasion.

So the next time you’re in Trader Joe’s cruise by the dessert wine section and pick up a bottle or two of this delightful raspberry dessert wine.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

Time for a glass…

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  • http://twitter.com/maryfarquhar Along Comes Mary

    I am not a dessert wine drinker at all, yet this actually sounds delicious! How thick/syrup-y is it? I will try it & tell you what I think:)

    • http://findingourwaynow.com/ Susan Cooper

      It is a dessert wine for raspberry lover, that’s for sure. It isn’t to syrupy but it is something that is best in small amounts. Can’t wait for your thoughts. :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/catarina.alexon Catarina Alexon

    Sounds like a tasty and delicious dessert wine Susan. Will not try it though, since I would have to have it sent from overseas-:) Besides, I’m not tea total but I rarely drink alcolholic drinks for the simple reason that even half a glass of wine makes me ten times as tired the next day. So I prefer to have a delicious dessert:-) 

    • http://findingourwaynow.com/ Susan Cooper

      I do understand. This is a a good dessert wine that if I am ever there to visit I will bring a bottle for you to sip ever so gently. :-)

  • Julie

    I really love S’mores, but like you I don’t like the calories that go with them.  I will be making this today.  yum… :-)

    • http://findingourwaynow.com/ Susan Cooper

      Great!  When you do, come back and give me your thoughts.

  • Carol

    Where the devil did you get that raspberry wine? I have been looking and looking, but there is no trader joes near me. My son looked in the new spokane store as I hounded him to do, and they did not know much. I figured they had stopped making it. It is heavenly.

    • http://findingourwaynow.com/ Susan Cooper

      Hi Carl, Gosh, I don’t know, they still have it at my Trader Joe’s. I would give them a call and ask. You can find their number on the website as well as their locations. Good luck with that. I just love this stuff.

  • Carol

    If I ordered directly from saint James spirits, do you think it would be the same? It has the same description for the wine on their web site. I was on a mission to find it last winter and ordered raspberry wine from lots of places and it was all nasty stuff. I think I will call Saint James Monday to see. If I had not seen your blog I would not have known the company who makes this wine. Thank you!

    • http://findingourwaynow.com/ Susan Cooper

      I believe it would. I haven’t need to do that yet. I am so glad I was able to help. Let me know how it turns out. Happy Holidays. :-)