• OMG! That is just too funny! I really like the fact that the minister took it in good humor. What a great story to bring a smile to your face when you are feeling a little down. 🙂 Glad you are in good spirits now! 🙂

    • It was a fun memory and one I was propelled to write.  Any time we can laugh, it always raises our spirits.  I am glad it did the same for you.  🙂

  • Claire Cappetta

    Thanks for the giggle! 🙂 hmm best childhood memory… Rivers, they always remind me of playing in them with my aunt and uncle. Good times.
    Love your illustrations, they are brilliant!

    • I am glad you enjoyed my story.  Anytime kids are near water there is great deal of splashing and fun play.  I do agree good times and great memories come from that.  🙂

  • You and my husband must have been hit with the same stick! You little pranksters! lol

    • That is too funny.  I am sure he has some great stories he could tell. 😀

  • Lu Ka

    Susan, did you narrate this to your students at school? Your Minister must have been a swell guy. Not all can laugh when the joke is on them. Thanks for the chuckles. Lubna

    • He was a really good guy and was a great family friend. I am glad you enjoyed my story. 🙂

  • Jnjm62

    Ok the house sounds like a house I would love to live in, and the whole spider and minister thing is just so bloody funny

    • I loved that house. I was heart broken when we moved into a new home down the road. I’m glad it made you laugh. :-)))

  • H Wold

    Thanks for opening the door. I just spent a few moments with a couple of  my favorite memories.


    • Memories are gifts that keep on giving. I am so glad I was able bring some of them back with my story. :)))

  • Love your post. Makes me remember all the pranks me and my friends did when we were kids. It was great fun wasn’t it?

    • I am so glad you enjoy my story. That it was. Our kid pranks were something we always recall when my brothers and I are together. ;-)))

  • Crack You Whip

    This is so funny! My dad wouldn’t have patiently waited for the spider to fall, though.  He would’ve had me early on.  Great story!

    • Thanks. The be honest, my dad was a bit amused over the whole event. My mother was the one that the most incensed and embarrassed but even she, eventually, couldn’t help but laugh after it was all said and done. The minister actually used our prank in one of his sermons. That is another post for another time. :)))

  • Julie

    What a funny story. I could just envision it happening as I was reading it. I had a thought. Have you ever thought about pubkishing short stories? Just a thought.

    • One always hopes that what we write will be engaging and entertaining. I am so glad that was the case for you. As far as publishing short stories, I may sometime in the future. We shall see. :)))

  • happy sits belated saturday sharefest!

    great blog!

    • Thanks, I did joined a bit late.  I appreciate the visit and compliment.  🙂

  • Bethanyjolee

    Loving, loving, loving this story! Have you ever thought of turning your stories and art into a children’s book? They are always so colorful!
    Your description of the house reminded me of the house I grew up in. We did this very same thing. When my parents had company, we would go upstairs and listen to their conversation and peek at them through this big square vent. Once, we have removed the vent and stepped inside. I started falling through and broke through, with my foot hanging into the living room ceiling! Haha!

    • I LOVE your story.  You gotta love our childhood prank memories.  If we could have gotten the grate off I am sure we would have been tempted to do the same thing. 🙂  

  • John Schwab

    That’s a good one Susan. I’m sure we all have these types of stories. We played similar tricks when we (my brother and I) were young.

    We used to place a very realistic looking but fake dog poop in different parts of the house for our parents to find or other people’s houses too. People would be horrified to find it thinking it was real.

    We even got our parents to stop smoking by inserting little explosives inside their cigarettes that would blow up when they lit one up while having company.

    • I remember those fake poops. They were awesome weren’t they.  The exploding cigarettes are too cool and they fact that it was the catalyst to get your parents to stop smoking is even better yet.  

  • I can’t even begin to imagine doing anything like that as a child.  I love your illustrations – you really make a story come alive.

    • Thanks Leora,  I very much appreciate your kind works. 

  • Sherryl Perry

    Wonderful story Susan. I agree with Bethanyjolee that you could write a book for children. Your illustrations are wonderful. I wish I could think of a childhood prank to share but I honestly can’t. It sounds like you have some fun memories.

    • Thanks,  the children book illustration idea has been mentioned before.  I may need to consider exploring the possibility.

      Like all families, we had our share of fun and sorrow.  I like to remember and write about the fun times the most.  I will occasionally write about the sadder times as way of sharing some lessons I learned along the way.  🙂

  • You certainly have a wonderful way of telling a story Susan. It is so descriptive it makes it so easy to see the whole prank developing and the illustration just adds that extra touch. I can’t remember too many pranks except for one with my brother that nearly set the house on fire. Luckily we were caught.

    • Thank you for the wonderful compliment.  It is always my hope that  my storIes are engaging and fun to read.  

      Ah, kids and fire can always be interesting.  I bet that would be a fun story to hear about.  🙂

  • Shirla Vergara

    off the top of my head I can’t remember one particular “pranky” moment in my childhood.  Reading your stories takes me back to very similar times.  The brunt of our extended family lived two states away from us.  We traveled frequently and dad always drove through the night…my parents weren’t “born yesterday”.  I truly believe that’s what helped my folks to keep hold of their sanity during the many miles trek.  My grandparents had an old farm house such as the one you speak of.  They, too, had a hidden staircase that was dark with creaky stairs that transported us to bedrooms upstairs.  Aaaah those were mischievous times multiplied by additional cousins who came to spend priceless moments from out of state partners in crime!  Thanks Susan

    • Boy, do I ever remember those raucous road trips.  I could write some great stories about that as well.  You are so right, those old houses had great charm and the thought of that one always feels like a warm blanket on a cold night.  Good times indeed.  🙂

  • Dan Meyers

    Susan – we always seem to be on the same page with our writing subjects :).  However, I can only dream of someday becoming the story teller that you are!  Another great one, and I look forward to whatever else you having coming.

    • WOW! Thank you SOOO much. I have always been more verbal with my stories. With blogging, I have found I can write what is in my heart and my head. I just need to be mindful to edit my work with care. 🙂

  • Kozmo1211

    I remember reading this post and I couldn’t help but smile. I can just imagine you sitting upstairs pulling this prank. That is something that Corey would do I know. Isn’t is amazing the things we remember and how those memories are triggered.
    Everytime I see a pilsbury commercial, I remember an older couple that lived near me when I was a child. They gave me a Pilsbury Dough Boy cup that I cherished….. I had that cup as long as I can remember. He was in the shape of the Pilsbury dough boy and I used him for everything. GREAT story!!

    • Thanks. I can still see the Minister below in my minds eye and what happened when the spider fell. I had a mixture of panic and the giggles.

      I remember those mugs. They were really cute. What fun you must have had using that mug. 🙂