• JB

    Having a garden like that can be very inspirational. To bad I have just a little tiny back – yard. I always say: “It might be a small yard, but it’s very high!”.

    // Jan

    • Small or large, a garden is such fun and can give you a lot of cool pictures and as you said, some great inspiration.  Thanks for stopping by.  🙂

  • Bethany Lee


    This garden is beyond gorgeous, and the type of environment I have always wanted to have for a backyard. I think it might have to wait till I retire. I think your pictures look like a slice of heaven. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Thanks, Despite the fact that I have not been well enough to work in the garden this spring it looks amazing good. It also helps that Have really great (and inexpensive) gardeners who pitched in to help me.

      When I had a smaller space and not much time I tried very hard to use plants and flowers that were low maintenance and need little to no care to make a little have n for me. I would encourage you to do the same. It is an awesome thing to have and enjoy.

  • Oh Susan your garden is heavenly! Thank you for inviting us in to share in your special space! I still do not have flowers the wildlife does not feast on. Big sigh… 

    • I hear you. Even when they say the plants are wildlife proof those dang (but beautiful) creators still seemed to chew them to the ground.

      We used the live in a area like that and the plants I selected were not necessarily flowering (except maybe the trees and bushes) but were really pretty variations of greens and bronzes with many different textures. 🙂

  • HB

    What a beautiful garden.  I think if mine looked like that I would never leave it.  This is motivating me to get out there and make a dent in my jungle.  Who knows, I may even hire a gardener, mow and blow type guy, to help.  Now that is an idea.  🙂

    • You go!!!!  I found my gardeners to be a God send when push came to shove.  They weren’t that expense and boy did it make a difference when I needed to do some heavy lifting. 

  • HB

    What a beautiful garden.  I think if mine looked like that I would never leave it.  This is motivating me to get out there and make a dent in my jungle.  Who knows, I may even hire a gardener, mow and blow type guy, to help.  Now that is an idea.  🙂

    • You go!!!! I found my gardeners to be a God send when push came to shove. They weren’t that expense and boy did it make a difference when I needed to do some heavy lifting.

  • Susan,

    What a beautiful garden.  I’m glad to hear you are feeling better.  I hate being sick.

    My friend Michelle does a meme called Nature Notes at a blog site called Rambling Woods.  Your post reminds me of one those nature notes posts.

    • Thanks, Being sick is a drag.

      Thanks for turning me on to Michelle. I will be checking her site out. 🙂

  • Dan Meyers

    Susan – I became more relaxed just virtually walking through your garden :).  We have a great patio space in our back yard with a massive elm that provides a sanctuary for the birds and from the heat.  I love to work out there… it’s so refreshing and inspiring.  Maybe I’ll snap some pictures when feeling inspired as you did!  Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    • Thanks, I am glad you found it relaxing. I hope you do take some picture of you patio area. That said, also can’t wait to see to pictures of your sanctuary.

  • Thank you for the lovely tour!  Your environment is made for relaxation and discovery!

    • Thanks. I am so glad you enjoyed it is. You are so right, it provides a good place to think and just be.

  • Melissa

    Susan: it is gorgeous@

    • Thanks, It really is a place i enjoying time in. 🙂

    • Thanks, we thinks so. I hope it gives you some motivation to come visit. 😀

  • Elizabeth Scott

    I feel like I am sitting on the chair, with a glass of wine in hand and letting all the days stressors melt away. I LOVE YOUR GARDEN and the HOUSE…. Whenever I am able to get away and visit it is my own little paradise…. LOVE the pics.

    • Thanks, You know the invitation is always open.

  • Susan — What a wonderful garden. I love your photos. Are you certified as Master Gardner? Seems like you would be. Thanks for sharing your passionate love for flowers. I live in an apartment in NY. But there is always Central Park!

    • Thanks, I have consider taking the Master Gardener course but have not yet made the leap.

      For the record, I love Central Park. It is a very unique and special place. 🙂

  • Lubna Kably

    Thank you for this beautiful tour. I love the smell of jasmine and could actually smell it all the way here. 

    • I am so glad you enjoyed it. Jasmine is my favorite scent. I would love it if it would bloom year round.

  •  Amazing!  I would spend a lot of time out there too… our new place has a nice deck and patio area, perfect for beer and burgers on the grill – though still not as nice as your setup!

    • Thanks, Any place that can combines burgers and beer sounds like a good place to me. 🙂

  • Adrienne Jones

    Your patio and garden are worthy of a magazine photo shoot, they’re amazing! And, Samuel’s a cutie 🙂

    • Why thank you so very much. My garden is always so pretty in the spring when all the perennials are coming into bloom.  I think my Samuel is a delight too.  🙂

  • Julie

    I love your garden. I want to create a place like this for me. Thank for sharing your special place and your kitty is really cute too.

    • I love my garden. It has taken awhile but it is where I want it to be. It really helps to have a good gardener to help when I am unable to do everything. I know you can and will create a special place for you as well.

      We love our kitty. He is one of the best pets we have ever had. :)))

  • Grace

    Gorgeous!  I want to come sit in your garden and breath in the scents, soak up the sun and relax!!

    • It is that, relaxing. You are welcome any time. 🙂

  • Margaret Duarte

    What a lovely garden, a piece of heaven.  And the weather lately, I’m sure, called you outdoors, flu and all.  What a lovely and peaceful place to write and just hang out.  Thanks for sharing.

    • It is my haven. It is a place I truly use and enjoy. Since I now have the patio out of winter cover, I can use it just to hang out. 🙂

  • How lovely! I am currently yardless and had to leave my yard of eight years behind when I loved cross country. I can only hope to have a yard as beautiful as yours someday. My family does own a very rustic piece of property in Montana, so I guess that is my sanctuary as it’s the place I have many happy memories.

    • It has taken me ten years to get this garden to what it today. I know you will have a garden of your own sometime in the future.

      Montana is an amazing place. What a great place to have happy memories and as a sanctuary. 🙂

  • My goodness, Susan, this is BEAUTIFUL!   Sacramento, California has been very good to your garden.  I have a similar place, albeit much smaller and tackier.  I have a small lanai with a tented gazebo and it is my favorite room in the house.  Of course, it’s not really IN the house, but you know what I mean.  

    I have it surrounded by flowering plants that I spend waaaay too much time on.  Over the weekend I fertilized one particular right yellow flowering plant.  I carefully mixed just the right fertilizer (I have five different kinds for the different plants).  I diluted it and poured it slowly into the pot so as not to burn the roots.  I followed the directions to the letter.

    This morning the lovely yellow flowers started to fall off, one by one.  I’m down to three flowers now.  They will, undoubtedly be gone by morning.  No good deed goes unpunished!

    Clearly you have a much greener thumb than I do.

    Kay in Hawaii

    • Hi Kay, Welcome to my garden. For the record it has taken me ten years to get the current garden to where it is today. I have certainly killed a few plants along the way (well actually more then a few). It also helped that I found a really good (and cheap) mow & blow gardener.

      Pull back on the fertilizer by half. I learned that the hard ways and from a Master Gardener who took pity on me. The other thing that really helped was a glass of wine or two, or three, or four. Oh heck, just have the whole bottle. In the early stages of my garden, it made my garden look so much better. 😀

  • Jvc Cappetta

    Your garden is sooo stunning and beautiful! I could spend all day in place like that! Okay, must confess a little green with jealousy 😉
    P.S love you cat too, how fluffy and adorable

    • Hey friend,  I do find it very easy to spend time in my garden.  I agree about my cat.  He is the best, but then again, I’m a bit prejudice.  🙂

  • It’s clear through all your photos, that you’ve taken much effort and time to grow a beautiful garden. Why go to the neighborhood park when you got your own stellar one? This makes me want to move out to California to see more nature & sunshine.

    • Harrison, you don’t stay in one place long enough to move to California!  Go do your laundry — don’t you have a plane to catch?  LOL

      Auntie Kay in Hawaii

    • It’s funny. There is a park a park just a short walk from our home. I walk through it most everyday on my daily walk. But when I want to relax it’s in my own garden.

      I am from the East Coast and I have to say, I do love California.

  • Shirla Vergara

    Susan your yard is breathtaking!!! My mother in-law has quite the green thumb, too.  Indoor & outdoor plants seem to go viral at her home.  She says her secret is talking to them.  I know you talk to Samuel, but do you talk to your plants as well?  I hear that playing music for plants also can have really good outcomes.  Any comments?

    • You know, I will need to consider playing some music in my garden much more often then I do. It could be some of the magic sauce I need at times. :-)))

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  • Sabline

    You have a very lovely backyard. Life should be enjoyed more in the outdoors! I find that there is something magically about being around plants and hearing the birds chirping. 

    • I agree. It is important to take time and enjoy the outdoors. It enriches our lives in a very special way. 🙂

  • bellybuttonblues.wordpress.com

    What lovely spaces. I am a gardening fool. This will be our third summer in our new digs and it gets more whimsical every year. It’s quite similar to yours, in fact–or at least it will when it matures a bit more. Thanks for the photos and ideas.  

    • I’m with you. I can hardly go past a gardening center without stopping. Then I find something I can’t live without such as a plant, a ceramic mushroom or tool. Have fun with your space and make your paradise what you desire. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

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